Tes Lore:Divine Metaphysics

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Divine Metaphysics
An explanation of Anumidium's construction, written in Dwemeris

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  • This book can be found under a table in the Dwemer ruin Bethamez. Upon bringing this book to Edwinna Elbert, she tries using the book "Hanging Gardens of Wasten Coridale" as a translation key, but cannot make any sense of it. She ends with assuming that this book is "probably just the ramblings of some Dwarven lunatic."
  • If you take it to Yagrum Bagarn in Tel Fyr, he will explain that "This book is just an explanation of some of Kagrenac's theories. I could spend hours explaining them to you, but Kagrenac is dead, and I believe his theories must die with him."
  • However, if you take it to Baladas Demnevanni, he will explain that the book "is an explanation of how the Dwemer tried to make a new god, Anumidium, using Kagrenac's tools and the sacred tones on Lorkhan's heart."