Tes Lore:Against False Gods

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Коллекция The Devoted and the Deranged
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Against False Gods
A criticism against the Tribunal and the advent of the Maulborn

Fear not the False Gods, for their very presence is a lie.

Abducted power ripped from artifacts undeserving.

Worship received from mindless cattle doing what they're told.

You bow to them not out of reverence. Not out of respect.

You bow to them out of fear. Out of unknown truths left untold.

But why? Because it is right? Because it is what is expected of you?

The people of this land bathe in the filth of corruption and deceit. A filth of their own making.

We will give them the cure, all the blind and tainted.

We will show them that their gods are not as powerful as they believe.

The Maulborn will rise to purify this land in the true image of the Princes.

To cleanse this soil of all falsehoods.

May the Three feel our wrath. May the Three be cleansed of their lies.

For the Maulborn shall bring forth a reckoning.