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Wrothgar Skyshard Hunter
Тип Достижения Орсиниума
Кол.баллов 15
Найдите все 17 небесных осколков в Вротгаре.

Вротгарский охотник за небесными осколками (ориг.Wrothgar Skyshard Hunter) присуждается за нахождение всех 17 небесных осколков в Вротгаре.

ON-mapicon-Skyshard.png Местонахождение небесных осколков

TESO. Небесные осколки в Wrothgar.
Подсказка Местонахождение
1. Под разрушенным акведуком. К северу от Watcher's Hold.
2. West of the cliff jumper's falls. Southeast of Great Bay Wayshrine on a ledge overlooking the water behind a boulder.
3. Smuggled away in Shipwreck Cove. Southeast of Old Orsinium on a ledge near water.
4. On a stonecutter's scaffold. South of Graystone Quarry in a barrel on a platform.
5. A seaside view from the cliffs of Morkul. West of Morkul Stronghold on a platform close to the water.
6. Above the ancient barrow. Atop Exile's Barrow with harpies.
7. Lost cargo on a frozen freighter. Northwest of Frozen Fleet in a crate in between two ships.
8. Atop the frozen waterfall. West of Forlorn Watchtower atop a cliff.
9. Overlooking the ice-bound centurion. South of Nyzchaleft Falls with ogres.
10. Caught in the webs of the old city. Inside Old Orsinium. east section with spiders in water and glowing flowers.
11. Washed down river by Dwarven boilers. Inside Rkindaleft, in the water near the Astrictive Valve.
12. Surrounded by silver. Inside Argent Mine, in the southwest section.
13. An unusual egg for harpies. Inside Coldperch Cavern, in the south hallway with harpies.
14. Pried from a necromancer's cold, dead hands. Inside Thukhozod's Sanctum, in the hallway opposite the entrance.
15. Kept as a prize in the cold Dwarf tomb. Inside Zthenganaz, in the northwest section.
16. In a subterranean spider oasis. Inside Nikolvara's Kennel, prior to entering The Kennel.
17. Amidst the crumbling gargoyles. Inside Watcher's Hold, east section near entrance.