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Помочь снять проклятье с орков Ларгашбура, наложенное Малакатом.


Краткое прохождение

  1. Принести Атуб жир тролля (0003ad72) и сердце даэдра (0003ad5b).
  2. Наблюдать за ритуалом Атуб.
  3. Поговорить с Йамарзом.
  4. Встретится с Йамарзом у пещеры Желтый Камень.
  5. Защищать Йамарза.
  6. Отнести молот Шагрола в Ларгашбур.
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Подробное прохождение

Giant Attack

While visiting Рифтен, you may hear rumors from guards that something odd is going on at the Крепость орков of Ларгашбур. The орк camp is located in Рифт southwest of Riften. As you approach the town for the first time, a великан will be actively attacking the Orcs at the gate. Its advisable to hurry in and help distract the giant as it will kill unnamed Orcs left and right and may kill potential followers such as Уго. After defeating the Giant, Ugor and a caster named Атуб will begin bickering. Atub will apologize to you and explain that their tribe and leader have been cursed. She has a ritual that may be able to remove it, but needs a жир тролля and a сердце даэдра to perform it. She'll ask you to retrieve them. Details on where to find them are provided on their individual pages.

Malacath's Ritual

After you bring the ingredients to Atub, she will enter Ларгашбур - Длинный дом and speak with Вождь Йамарз about performing the ritual. The Chief isn't thrilled about the ritual, but ultimately agrees to follow her out to the altar. Atub successfully reaches Малакат, whose disembodied voice berates Yamarz for his weakness, abhorring Yamarz for being so weak that even Giants openly attack his stronghold. Malacath demands him to kill the giant's leader and return with his club as an offering. Yamarz is irked and demands your assistance in his task, promising lots of gold for helping him.

Hammer Time

Yamarz will run off towards Пещера Желтый Камень. If you fast travel there you'll meet him at the entrance and avoid the long trek. He'll tell you to lead the way for him through the cave so that he's not too tired to fight the Giants' leader. The cave is remarkably spacious, but very straight forward. Медведи and тролли may be in the cave and pose some threat, but the Giants should be far enough away to be avoided entirely. Yamarz will charge down several ledges following the flow of a stream to a pool on the lowest level. He will continue to follow the stream deeper into the cave out of the spacious area. A dark path on the right leads up to an area fraught with bones and the exit to the Роща Великанов.

Yamarz's Fork

Once in the grove, Yamarz will offer to pay you even more gold if you kill the Giant yourself and let him take credit. If you agree, he will ultimately betray you afterwards saying that no one can ever know the truth of what happened here. He is extremely well-armored and has tremendous blocking ability, but doesn't hit hard. After killing him, Malacath will praise you for removing both the Giant and the conniving, weakling chief. He asks you to take молот Шагрола back to Largashbur and whip the other Orcs back to shape. If you persuade Yamarz to perform his duty, he'll be killed almost immediately by the Giant and you'll be left to kill the Giant anyway. Malacath will again deride the fallen weakling Chief and send you back to Largashbur. In either situation, you're left in a very small area fighting a Giant mano-a-mano.

Claiming Volendrung

Once back, speak with Atub and tell Yamarz's fate. Malacath will speak once more, naming Гуларзоб the new chief. He will ask that you place Shagrol's Hammer on the shrine, which transforms it into the fearsome Волендранг, the Hammer of Might. Make sure you pick it up from the shrine where it will be floating above the skull between the antlers.


  • If you leave the area without picking up Volendrung, it will be laying on the ground behind the altar upon your return. (Confirmed on Xbox 360)
  • Пещера Желтый Камень can be visited and cleared prior to this quest. Accepting this quest turns it into a Giant themed zone.
  • You can not fast travel from Роща Великанов.
  • While at Largashbur, go around the main building to find an entrance to the cellar at the back. Here you find some potions, gold as well as the book Битва у Красной горы (bookshelf on the right, little red book) which will increase your block skill.
  • When Volendrung is equipped, guards will often whistle and remark "Whoa, that's one big hammer!"
  • If you discover Largashbur and Ugor is already dead, try reloading to see if he is alive. If that does not work for you and you are unable to enter the stronghold, climb up the inclined wooden beam on the west side of the palisade to get into the stronghold. Ugor is not essential to the quest and speaking to Atub should allow you to continue the quest as normal.
  • If Yamarz kills the giant, he will then turn on the player for no apparent reason. This can be achieved by reverse pickpocketing powerful gear.
  • It appears that if you are fighting the giant and take too long, Yamarz will begin to attack the giant as well.
  • If accept the offer to fight the giant yourself and then lure the giant towards Yamarz, he will attack it, providing a good diversion.
  • DO NOT INCUR A BOUNTY WITH THE ORCS having one of any amount will cause them to attack on sight. They do not yield.


  • Sometimes if you tell Yamarz to kill the giant, the giant will not respond to Yamarz's attacks and will be killed. When you talk to Yamarz he will behave as though you killed the giant for him and attack you. When you strike back he will die instantly. (PC and PS3)
  • If Player kills the Giant and the Yamarz, Malacath may say that "Giants took care of Yamarz", and if Player allows the Giant kill Yamarz, Malacath may say that Player took care of both "Giants" and Yamarz. (PC and Xbox360)
  • After placing Shagrol's Hammer on the shrine, Volendrung does not appear. Try loading a previous save and attemping again.
  • After defeating the giant, there were no orcs outside the gate to talk to and the gate was locked. Fixed by climbing the mountains to the right of the gate and dropping into the camp, triggering the appropriate dialog
  • After clearing the cave and killing Yamarz and upon exiting the cave, Shadowmere was lying dead outside. Unsure if they are connected.
  • If Ugor is already dead upon arrival to Largashbur rendering you unable to enter the gate and talk to Atub, simply jump over the fence by using the rocks to the West and proceed to talk to Atub to begin the quest.
  • It seems that transforming into a werewolf renders the player unable to transform back while in Giant's Grove, which can make the fight against the giant (and potentially Yamarz as well) much more difficult. Once you leave Giant's Grove (and in my case, Fallowstone Cave as well), you can use the wait function (1-2 hours is enough) to transform back; until that point, attempting to wait will give you a "you can't wait in this location" message. (unsure whether this is a consistent bug or not, need confirmation from other users/platforms) (PS3 & Xbox 360)
  • Occasionally, Yamarz may attack your follower, if you have one. Once your follower's health is depleted and they run off, the quest will continue as usual, and your follower should return after the giant is defeated.

Стадии квеста

The Cursed Tribe (DA06)
Финал Записи в журнале
10 Говорят, что в орочьем поселении Ларгашбур в юго-западу от Рифтена стряслась какая-то беда.

(Стадия): Узнать что случилось в в Ларгашбуре

50 Орков Ларгашбура донимают великаны, и вождь запретил им покидать крепость. Атуб, шаманка племени, попросила меня добыть жир тролля и сердце даэдра, чтобы она могла попросить совета у Малаката.

(Стадия): Принести Атуб жир тролля и сердце даэдра

60 (Стадия): Наблюдать за ритуалом Атуб
70 Малакат явился своим последователям. Он в гневе, ибо они позволили осквернить его святилище. Теперь он приказал вождю Ларгашбура, Йамарзу, вернуться в святилище и отвоевать его.

(Стадия): Поговорить с Йамарзом

80 Несмотря на приказ Малаката сделать все в одиночку, Йамарз просит моей помощи в борьбе с великанами, которые захватили пещеру Желтый Камень и святилище Малаката. Он пообещал мне заплатить, если я помогу ему вернуться живым.

(Стадия): Встретится с Йамарзом у пещеры Желтый Камень

90 Защищать Йамарза
100 Малакат приказал Йамарзу отбить святилище в пещере Желтый Камень, и Йамарз попросил меня охранять его в пути. Мало того, он пообещал заплатить мне еще больше, если я убью за него великана. Такое щедрое предложение нельзя было не принять.

(Стадия): Победить великана

110 После путешествия с Йамарзом к пещере Желтый Камень и всех моих подвигов, Малакат приказал мне вернуться в Ларгашбур и доставить туда молот Шагрола.

(Стадия): Отнести молот Шагрола в Ларгашбур

120 (Стадия): Положить молот Шагрола на святилище в Ларгашбуре
200 завершение квеста Проклятье спало с орков Ларгашбура. Вождь племени Йамарз проявил себя перед Малакатом как беспомощный слабак, но мне удалось искупить его вину, победив великана е в пещере Желтый Камень. Малакат провозгласил новым вождем Гуларзоба, а меня нарек своим защитником.