Skyrim:Форт Нойград

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Форт Нойград
военный форт на юго-восток от Хелгена.

Форт Нойград

Форт состоит из основного зала и тюрьмы на отдельном уровне. Изначально форт занят бандитами, но если Вы зачистите его или начнете цепочку квестов за Братьев Бури, то форт займет гарнизон Имперского легиона.


Когда форт контролируется бандитами, в верхней комнате основного помещения Вас будет ждать высокоуровневый предводитель бандитов. Он игнорирует Вас до тех пор, пока Вы не откроете дверь в его комнату. У него есть Ключ от библиотеки форта Нойград, открывающий замок (который можно было просто взломать) на южной стороне столовой, которая находится вниз по лестнице. За этой дверью враждебно настроенный маг Брандиш.

Changing of the Guard

The imperial army will take control of the fort if you clear it out, or if you advance the Братьев Бури quest-line up to the Освобождение Скайрима quest (Liberate Falkreath step).

The walls and fortifications have been repaired, and a stable and forge area have been built in the courtyard area. Inside areas have also been partially renovated to show the occupation as well, and a new selection of regular chests are scattered about inside and out. Any corpses left will have been removed, along with the boss-treasure chests, although any weapons the bandits dropped on death remain. The imperials will react to you as a trespasser inside the fort/prison, but as long as you keep moving, you're free to loot any of the new items without consequence.

The Lake and The Treasure Map

The nearby lake contains a hidden entrance into the Prison level. Just outside this underwater entrance, there is a half-overturned sunken rowboat with a treasure chest inside. The upstairs exit from the fort to the tower on top contains a locked chest with a treasure map inside; the treasure is located across the lake, behind some rocks. Going counter-clockwise around the lake from there also nets you two gold veins.

Fort Neugrad

  • In the room downstairs you can find a copy of Jornibret's Last Dance
  • Upstairs, in the commander's room (South-East) you can find a copy of An Explorer's Guide to Skyrim
  • Two locked chests (Adept-level)
  • A variety of items, styled after the current residents of the Fort (Bandits or Imperials)

Fort Neugrad Prison


  • Sometimes players are not allowed to initiate a chain of events for one of the Stormcloak missions. Using the console command movetoqt CWMission04 will teleport you into the cell of a prisoner you are supposed to rescue. Make sure you have some lockpicks handy as you will need to use them on the Novice leveled lock to get out of the cell.
  • On the Xbox 360, after freeing the prisoners, the player may not be able to activate Ralof's dialogue menu. This is a problem because the task that follows freeing the prisoners entails speaking with Ralof and therefore becomes impossible. One possible solution is to transform into a werewolf away from the soldiers surrounding Ralof, and then kill all of the soldiers. Once that is done, Ralof himself will ask you to get him another garrison of troops. After you retrieve his soldiers, you should be able to continue the dialog. An additional way to fix this bug, for Imperials only, is to kill all the troops and then use Voice of the Emperor. There is no explanation for what specifically causes this glitch.
  • The chest referred to in the treasure map is sometimes absent; reading the map should spawn the chest, but does not. There is no known solution to this problem.
  • On the Xbox 360, although you have killed all of the Imperials occupying the fort and freed the Stormcloak prisoners, the Stormcloaks will keep saying that there are Imperials around here somewhere.

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