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Banner of the Imperial Legion throughout Skyrim

Имперский легион (Imperial Legion) is a joinable faction in Skyrim which links in with the основной квест. The Imperial Legion is directly opposed to the Братья Бури and ruthlessly hunt down members throughout Skyrim. They are charged with defeating the Stormcloaks and crushing the rebellion by any means necessary. The Imperial Legion in Skyrim is led by генерал Туллий.


If the player chose to follow Хадвар to escape Helgen during the quest На свободу!, then while accompanying him on the road to Ривервуд the player will be invited to join the Imperial Legion, although he might make the offer in Алвора house too. Upon entering an Imperial camp, such as the Pale Imperial Camp, or encountering a group of Imperial soldiers, the player will be invited to join the Imperial legion and directed to Солитьюд. The quest Вступить в Имперский легион is added to the quest log. Joining the Stormcloaks will cause the quest to fail, but as the next quest for both factions is The Jagged Crown, at the end of the quest you can just bring the crown to the Stormcloaks in Windhelm and you will be allowed to join their ranks, allowing you to continue the rebels' quest line instead.


3 достижения (50 пунктов; 2 Бронза и 1 Серебро) могут быть получены по завершению квестов гражданской войны (за Имперский Легион или Братьев Бури).

Note: A number of factors related to the optional main quest Бесконечная пора can influence which of these quests are initiated.


Звание Звание (англ) Требования
Ауксилий Auxiliary Завершить Вступить в Имперский легион
Квестор Quaestor Завершить Битва за Вайтран
Префект Prefect Завершить Битва за форт Дунстад
Трибун Tribune Завершить Битва за форт Гринвол
Легат Legate Завершить Форт Кастав - спасение товарищей


Camps of Imperial Legion soldiers can be found in each Hold of Skyrim except for Haafingar. These are marked on the map with the symbol of the Amulet of Kings. Depending on the player's progress in the Civil War questline if the Imperial Legion has been sided with, these camps may not exist.


  • The "Medium Armor" that can be obtained from the Castle Dour blacksmith is actually a set of Imperial Studded Armor (Light) and an Imperial Shield (Heavy).
  • The alternative is that the player joins the Stormcloak rebellion and fight against the Imperial Army.
  • If the player sides with the Imperial Legion, the player cannot join the Stormcloak rebellion.
  • Windhelm gets partially destroyed, but three days after the quest Кровь на снегу is completed, the city will be rebuilt.
  • Joining the Imperial Army may cause random spawned groups of Stormcloak Soldiers to attack the player.
  • As in the province of Morrowind, The Imperial Legion in Skyrim has an aesthetic based on the legions of ancient Rome. This homage is now referenced in the rank structure, whereas the Imperial Legion of Morrowind had a rank structure which had the theme of a chivalric order.


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