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Дом available for purchase in Маркарт.

  • Тип: Дома
  • Регион: Предел
  • Обновляемая:никогда (безопасно для хранения вещей)
  • Консольные коды для перемещения в локацию:
  • Город: Маркарт
Vlindrel Hall

To purchase the home, the player must first complete the quest Подземелья. The player must be level 20 to receive this quest. Upon completion he will permit you to purchase the house from Рерик for 8,000 gold.

Once purchased, Raerek will provide a book, Markarth Home Decorating Guide, which details the various house upgrades available from him, for a final cost of 12,200 making it the third least expensive house, just behind Медовик.

After completing Заговор Изгоев and Никому не сбежать из Сидны you may not be able to buy this house because there will be no dialogue option to do something for the Jarl of Markarth. If you had completed those two quests before you were level 20, there is a way to buy the house. During the основного квеста (quest Бесконечная пора), генерал Туллий and Ульфрик Буревестникk fight about exchanging some territories including Markarth. If the Братья Бури take Предел, Тонгвор Серебряная Кровь will become the ярл of Markarth. He will offer you the possibility of becoming тан and the option of buying a house in Markarth.

Персонажи, живущие здесь

Аргис Бастион Follower   

Costs and Upgrades

Home and Upgrades
purchased from
Рерик or Ребур Квинтилий Price to purchase home OBValueIcon small.png 8,000 Housecarl Аргис Бастион
Total cost of all upgrades OBValueIcon small.png 4,200
Bedroom furnishings
Living room furnishings Alchemy laboratory
Enchanting laboratory
Entrance hall
Child's BedroomHF Housecarl's Quarters

800 gold

900 gold

1000 gold

1000 gold

500 gold

250 gold

Become Тан Предела

1 Bed
1 Chest
4 Cupboards
2 Wardrobes
2 Shelf stands (2 shelves)
1 Shield plaque
2 Display cases
1 Table
4 Chairs
1 Dresser
1 Shelf
8 Rugs

9 Chairs
3 Tables
1 End Table
1 Dresser
1 Cupboard
3 Bookshelves (3 shelves
holding 18 books each)
2 Shelf stands (3 shelves)
1 Display case
8 Rugs

1 Алхимическая лаборатория
1 Shelves
1 Chair
1 Stool
1 Rug
2 Barrels

Harvestable plants:
1 Чеснок
2 Dried Морозная мириам
2 Dried Эльфийское ухо

Harvestable animals:
1 Фазан
2 Кролик

1 Пентаграмма душ
2 Weapon plaques
1 Shelf
2 Shelf stands (3 shelves)
2 Weapon racks (2 slots)
2 Shield plaques
1 Mannequin
1 Rug

2 Rugs

Harvestable plants:
2 Тыква
1 Red Mountain Flower
1 Лаванда
1 Снежные ягоды
2 Виноград джазби

1 Bed
1 Table
1 Chair
1 Dresser
1 Cupboard (2 shelves)
3 Rugs

 Child's Bedroom only available if Hearthfire is installed. Choosing this upgrade will replace another part of the house.


  • Filling the bookshelves with books and then quickly exiting the menu may result in the books disappearing forever.
  • Weapon Plaques and Shield Racks may not work.
  • Armor placed into the mannequin's inventory and later removed may duplicate upon re-entering the area. Improvements to the armor made with the armorer skill will not be carried over, however.
  • Do not speak to Steward Рерик unless you have 8,000 gold. Speaking to him and not buying the home immediately has caused many players to lose the option to buy Vlindrel Hall forever.
    • PC заметка This can be fixed by entering setstage Favor250 10 in the console. The dialogue to become thane will reappear if you talk to Jarl Igmund, and once you are thane, the option to buy the house appears from his steward.
    • PC заметка If the above solution doesn't work, you can enter setstage Favor250 15 which will advance the quest to the "help x citizens" stage. Speak with the jarl to become thane and afterwards speak with Raerek. The option to buy the house should re-appear.
    • This can also be fixed by doing another quest to help a citizen of Markarth if one becomes available, speaking to Banning and delivering Beef for him should open up the option to buy the house again, unless you have already done this task.
  • Be careful about placing certain unique items on the stone "counters" in front of both fireplaces and in the alchemy lab. It seems that when the cell re-loads, the item can fall through the counter and become impossible to reach.
    • If you want to retrieve a lost item, casting Blizzard or Lightning Storm near where you placed the item will usually jostle it around enough to pull it through the wall. The only disadvantage to this is that it can easily scatter any other objects you might have in your house.
  • After completing The Forsworn Conspiracy and No One Escapes Cidhna Mine you may not be able to buy this house because there will be no dialogue option to do something for the Jarl of Markarth.
    • PC заметка This can also be fixed by entering setstage Favor157 10 within the console. This will start the quest given by the jarl to become thane.


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