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Винтерхолд (регион)
Владение на северо-востоке Скайрима со столицей в городе Винтерхолде.

The Winterhold region in the northeast corner of Skyrim

It is initially affiliated with the Братья Бури, but can be captured by the Imperials after completing Форт Кастав - спасение товарищей.

Winterhold is the northernmost hold in Skyrim, and has weather to match. The Море Призраков is off its northern coast, Истмарк is to the southeast and Данстар is to the south and west.

Perhaps the most notable feature of Winterhold is the Коллегия Винтерхолда, a fortress-like school for mages which was spared on a rocky outcropping even though the Великий Обвал tore down most of the city around it. All that remains of the devastated city is a small village near the entrance to the College.

Topographical Overview

Winterhold consists of snowy coasts and even snowier mountains. To the west and southwest is the Winterhold mountain range, which marks the border between Winterhold and Белый Берег, and some of the northern border with Истмарк. Between the mountains and the sea to the east lies an ice plain, where the elements have rendered the landscape barren and lifeless. Rock and ice shelves, and occasionally shingle beaches, form the barrier between Winterhold and the sea to the north and east.

Mount Anthor, the highest peak in Winterhold

Flora and Fauna

Not many plants or creatures can survive Winterhold's harsh wintery climate, and the hold is generally devoid of life as a result. The only plant that really makes a home here is the snowberry bush. It seems you can't walk five paces without seeing one of these in Winterhold. волки, снежные волки, белые медведи, снежные саблезубы и хоркеры can also be found here. The Wolves and Horkers fare far better than the rest, but still face a hard time looking for food. Occasionally, an unlucky traveller might also stumble upon an Ледяное привидение, or worse, a Мать-дымок.


  • All locations in the Hold with individual map markers are listed. There are a few places without map markers listed for their significance.

Столица холда

Различные поселения, включая орочьи крепости и гостиницы

Лагеря, including Giant Camps and Military Camps


Логова Драконов


Руины including Двемерские and Nordic

Камни-хранители and Даэдрические святилища

Башни and Форты

Достопримечательности, including Водные поверхности, Поляны, Места кораблекрушений

Unmarked Places

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