Redguard Книга:Redguards, Their Heroes and History

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Redguards, Their Heroes and History
An excerpt about Hunding containing a picture of Leki, taken from a history book of the Redguards.

This is an excerpt of a larger book, which can be seen in Daggerfall. See Redguards, Their History and Their Heroes for the complete version. You can also see the original graphics for this book, including pictures of Hunding and Leki, at The Imperial Library.

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...beginning of recorded time in High Desert and were craftsmen and mystics. His grandfather was a retainer of Mansel Sesnit, the Elden Yokudan, and led many of the battles of unification prior to Sesnit's assassination. When he was 14, Hunding's father died in one of the region's many insurrections, and he was left to support his mother and four brothers. His prowess...