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Redguard Box Art
Сеттинг Stros M'Kai, Тамриэль
Время действия 2E 864
Разработчик Bethesda Softworks

Redguard is the first (and probably only) game in the spinoff series called The Elder Scrolls Adventures. Unlike the main sequence of Elder Scrolls role-playing games, Redguard is designed as an action-adventure game. The player character is Cyrus, a Redguard mercenary, who returns to his native Stros M'Kai in search of his missing sister, Iszara.

Gameplay Information

  • Квесты — A complete walkthrough for the main quest, including battle-strategies and spoilers
  • Бестиарий — A list of some of the NPCs and creatures you may face in the game, along with statistics and combat strategies
  • Все книги — A catalog of all books in the game
  • Баги — A list of the known in-game errors, and means of working around them
  • Персонажи — A directory of the major NPCs, along with statistics and combat strategies where applicable
  • Cheats — Ways to achieve success that might not be considered quite "legal"
  • Hints/Tips — A variety of gaming hints and tips regarding all aspects of the game
  • Карты — A detailed map of the island of Stros M'Kai, displaying all points of interest
  • Newbie Guide — A concise guide for the Redguard newbie and veteran alike
  • Official FAQ — The official FAQ from Bethesda Softworks, answering many of the most commonly asked questions

Technical Info

  • Running Under DOSBox — A detailed guide to playing Redguard on DOSBox under a modern operating system, including OS X, Linux, and Windows 2000/XP/Vista
  • Installation guide — A step by step guide how to get the game running on a modern day Windows XP system in Glide mode
  • Technical Tips and Hacks — Reference material concerning hacking, undocumented features, etc.
  • Official Technical FAQ — Bethesda's official FAQ from their support website; mainly for legacy Windows systems

Other Information

Previews and Reviews

Redguard Sites