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Журналы и стадии квестов

A quest progresses by stages, usually marked with entries in the player's journal. Each journal entry is set by events the player causes, such as talking to someone, picking up an item, etc. Many dialogue conditions involve testing to see if the quest is at the proper stage.

  • By convention, stage 0 is a setup stage used for debugging. It usually has no text, but has a set of result script instructions that will provide the player with everything necessary to begin the quest. For example, if the player needs to have a certain amount of gold, it adds it. If the player needs to be a certain minimum rank in a faction, the script does that too. In this way the quest can be played independently for test purposes.
  • Stages are usually numbered by tens, at least initially. Stage 10 is often the stage for the player having accepted the quest. Technically, any number between 0 and 255 can be used for quest stages.
  • Normally a stage can only be set once. If a script calls for it to be called a second time nothing happens.

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