Oblivion Книга:Macabre Manifest

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Информация о книге
ID 0001d046
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Часть 0 Вес 1.0
Необходимо для Unfriendly Competition
Может быть найдена в следующих местах:
Macabre Manifest

Recently Deceased

Ferdelus Wagariun - Imperial City
Quilted Doublet
Green Silk Pants
Gold Trimmed Shoes
Gold Ring
K'sirr - Cheydinhal
Green and Blue Outfit
Green Velvet Shoes
Silver Amulet with Blue Stone
Silver Ring
Nodur Cloud-Seeker - Bruma
Fine Silk Robe
Silk Shoes
Fine Ashen Cane with Inlaid Copper
Gold Ring
Nodaria Wythel - Bravil
Blue Dress
Blue Suede Shoes
Fine Silver Necklace
Gold Ring with Polished Stones
Gold Ring with Red Stone
Kaylah Swinchell - Bravil
White Dress with Floral Pattern
Gold Trimmed Cow Hide Shoes
Gemmed Necklace
Gold Ring with Onyx Stones
Dondlar - Leyawiin
Green Brocade Doublet
Green Silk Pants
Green Velvet Shoes with Gold Thread Trimming
Polished Wood Box with Silver Fittings
Small Polished Statue of Azure Stone (in box)
Holithanius - Cheydinhal
Decorative Leather Armor with Gold Buckles
Silver Longsword (Personalized)
Soft Leather Boots
Glass Ring
Oford Gabings - Anvil
Travel Cloak with Silver and Green Leaf Fastener
Enchanted Shortsword with Inlaid Writing
Gold Ring with Inscription (Cursed?)
Leather Bound Travel Journal
Sellina Rotona - Imperial City
Red Velvet Dress
Red and Gold Velvet Shoes
Silver Necklace with Locket
Silver Ring with Blue Stones