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Imbel Genealogy
A look at the descent of the Imbel name through the male offspring

The Imbel family traces lineage strictly through the male line of heirs, as any right-thinking nobility would. Therefore this family genealogy does not record the inconsequential female offspring.

Artan Imbel 1000 - 1057, Son of Rosten Imbel

Married Gustie Karna 1031
Buried in Vardenfell [sic] near Suran

Faris Zeetl 1030 -1101, Son of Artan Imbel

Whereabouts unknown

Faren Imbel 1037 - 1056, Son of Artan Imbel

Married Janiy Ulura 1053
Buried in Vardenfell near Suran

Corben Imbel 1053 - 1152, Out of wedlock son of Faren Imbel

Buried in Bravil

Artan Imbel II 1079 - 1152, Bastard son of Corben Imbel

Married Eadith Gerimania 1100
Buried in Bravil

Faren Imbel II 1084 - 1085, Bastard son of Corben Imbel

Buried in Skingrad

Corben Imbel II 1086 - 1167, Bastard son of Corben Imbel

Married Faith Horr 1110
Buried in Bruma