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Вилена Донтон
Город Chorrol
Дом Vilena Donton's House
Раса Имперец Пол Женский
Уровень PC+40 Класс Воин
RefID 00023511 BaseID 000234C1
Дополнительная информация
Здоровье 45 + (6+3)x(PC+39), PC=1-21 Магия 100 + 1.5x(PC+39) (max=250)
Ответств. 80 Агрессия 5
Важный Always
Фракции Chorrol Citizen; Fighters Guild (Master); Donton Faction

Vilena Donton is an Имперец warrior, and the current Master of the Гильдия Бойцов in Киродиил. She operates out of Chorrol, where she has a house on Great Oak Place, facing the Great Oak. Her sons, Vitellus and Viranus, are (or rather were in Vitellus' case) also in the guild. Vitellus was killed recently in the line of duty, and Vilena is using this as a reason to keep Viranus from doing guild jobs. In fact, she is in reality just a figurehead leader for the guild, since she immediately (and permanently) delegates her authority to assign duties to the Fighters Guild Champion, Modryn Oreyn.

After the tragic loss of Vitellus, and with the majority of her responsibilities handed over to Modryn Oreyn, Vilena Donton shows up in the guildhall every day, but is understandably absent-minded. As such, she spends all day wandering around her office on the second floor, and only pauses to eat a two-hour meal at noon and 6pm. At midnight, she crosses the plaza and enters her house for six hours of sleep. At the end of The Hist, when Modryn Oreyn accepts his new position as second-in-command, Vilena is officially retired and immediately leaves the guildhall for the last time. She will then begin life anew, and will instead wander around on the ground floor of her house, eating and sleeping at the usual times.

She wears an iron cuirass, a green silk garment and a pair of iron boots. She is armed with a steel longsword and carries a green brocade doublet, green velvet shoes, the keys to the Fighters Guild and her house along with a large amount of gold.

Vilena Donton owns a house overlooking the Great Oak Place. As soon as you enter, there is a collection of silverware placed across the three small tables in front of the exit. If you head to the right, you'll find yourself in the dining room and notice the tapestries hung on the wall in several places. On the dining table, you will find that all the manchester is silverware, apart from one ceramic bowl. The ingredients found spread across the various plates placed on the table are 7 pears, 1 clouded funnel cap, 2 cheese wheels, 2 apples and three strawberries. You can also find a bottle of Tamika's West Weald Wine, Surilie Brothers Vintage 415, and 399. Also there is a shelving unit where you can find more silver manchester as well as being placed ontop of the cupboard and another table found on your way towards the exit. If you head straight down the hall, you will find a living area to the left. There are several silver glasses spread out across the room on several tables. There is also a bookshelf which contains several books and also holds two silver urns and two crystal balls. Before you head up to the stairway however, you will find underneath the stairs 3 barrels and a grain sack containing food ingredients, along with a crate with a wine rack on top containing 6 bottles of Surilie Brothers Wine and there is also some more silverware and a bottle of Tamika's found here. There is also another exit to the back of the house, with multiple sacks, a cupboard and a locked chest located nearby. If you head up the first three flights of stairs, there is a locked door leading to the second floor of the house. Also to the right, there is a small seating area that consists of a couple of chairs and a smaller table. If you continue to go up three more flights of stairs, you will come to another locked door which leads to the third floor of the house.

On the second floor, there is a unlocked clutter chest directly down the hall. Both the left and the right rooms are bedrooms. The first bedroom on the left contains a single bed, a bookshelf (with assorted books, an hourglass, ceramic bowl and also a silver dagger), drawers and also a table located at the end of the bed which has one pewter pot on top of it. The second bedroom on the right however, has a single bed near the window, along with a set of drawers with the book Varieties of Daedra, a small dining area that consists of a small dining table and chair along with silverware and two grapes. There is also a smaller table by the archway which has two more grapes and also a silver vase.

On the third floor, as soon as you walk in, there is a small table area located on the left along with a silver urn and bowl. If you continue to the central area of the bedroom, you will find a double-bed on the left, along with a locked chest located in a corner on the left side, and also a dresser next to the bed which has a clutter chest and a Nirnroot plant. Straight ahead, there is a study area which consists of a desk, a small table with more silverware and a bench (despite its appearance being a stool). On the desk you will find two quills, an inkwell, and also the books Report: Disaster at Ionith and The Posting of the Hunt. On the right-hand side of the room there is another exit which leads to the balcony outside overlooking the Great Oak. There is also a dining area with metal manchester, a cheese wedge, a bread loaf, and a bottle of cheap wine. Nearby, there is also a shelving unit which holds the books The Legendary Sancre Tor and The Wolf Queen, v 8, and a piece of folded cloth. There is also another set of drawers with assorted silverware on top and gold. There is also rolls of cloth found here (one on top of the drawers, the other on the ground).

Before you become a member of the guild, all Fighters Guild members will point you towards Azzan, Burz gro-Khash or the undisputed head if the Fighters Guild, Vilena Donton. If you approach her at this point, she will politely greet you: "Greetings. How may I help you? Are you perhaps interested in joining the Fighters Guild?" She will then tell you about the guild itself: "The Fighters Guild is a brotherhood of warriors. We provide a service to Tamriel, lending steel and shield to those who need our help. Whether that means ridding a town of an invading menace or protecting a helpless mage, we'll take the contract." If you inquire about membership she will state the rules: "The Fighters Guild is always looking for new members. If you've got a clean record, and don't have a bounty on your head, we may be able to use you. Are you interested in joining?" Naturally, she will deny you membership if you have a bounty on your head: "We appreciate your interest, but I understand you've got a bounty on your head. Take care of that, and we'll consider your application." Also, if your infamy is greater than 100, she will reject you as well: "I appreciate your enthusiasm, but you've got a bit of a bad reputation. Make a better name for yourself, and perhaps we can accept your application." If you meet the requirement, she will instead welcome you to the guild: "Excellent. You are now an Associate in the Fighters Guild. You should report to either Azzan in Anvil or Burz gro-Khash in Cheydinhal for contracts." If you have already joined the Guild before meeting her, her greeting will be entirely different: "Vilena Donton, Master of the Fighters Guild. Please excuse the mess. Paperwork. But what can I do for you?" Other than that, she will just point you elsewhere for contracts: "See Azzan in Anvil or Burz gro-Khash in Cheydinhal for contracts."

Symptomatic for her leadership, Vilena will then act as a background character until you are pointed towards her as part of the Unfinished Business quest, and even then she will point you towards second-in-command, Modryn Oreyn for details: "Greetings. I see you've been keeping yourself busy. This is good. I believe it's time for you to perform some duties for your Guild." She will then continue: "We are a brotherhood, a family. What affects one of us affects us all. Fighting, drunkenness, dereliction of duty are not tolerated. I would like you to speak with Modryn Oreyn. He will assign you any duties that are currently pending. Good luck to you." When asked about Duties, she will repeat: "For now, Modryn Oreyn will be handling your duty assignments. Please speak with him." She will then resume her passive existence, and keep up overprotecting her only remaining son, Viranus Donton, while rumors will spread like a wildfire amongst concerned guild members and townsfolk (see this section). The only time you can ask her about anything is during the quest The Master's Son if you, against Modryn’s request, ask her about her son’s whereabouts: "My son? He's at home, I would imagine."

When her last remaining son is killed during Trolls of Forsaken Mine, Vilena will demote Modryn Oreyn out of frustration, and will more or less split the Fighters Guild in two; only after secretly co-operating with Modryn will you be able to stop the responsible competitors from the Blackwood Company and make Vilena come to her senses, although she appears to be unhappy with what’s been going on behind her back: "What is it you want? You were told to stay out of my sight. I'll assume you're here to tender a resignation." When you tell her about the recently defeated Blackwood Company, she will finally wake up: "You've done what? I... I had no idea it had gotten so bad. How is it you accomplished all of this?" Two choices are available at this point; either give half the credit to Modryn or take it all yourself. Choosing the former will net you: "With Oreyn? He was dismissed! I should expel you now! But... no. It isn't Oreyn who is to blame. I fear it is I. I love the Fighters Guild, and all its members, perhaps to a fault. I fear my concern for them has made me blind to what's been happening around me. If it were not for you, and Oreyn... I dare not think it. Now, we must speak about what you've done, and how it will affect any further advancement." Choosing the latter will make her say: "You would violate a direct order? I should expel you now! But... this does not all fall on your shoulders. Much of the fault is mine. I love this Guild, and all its members, perhaps to a fault. My concern for them has made me blind to what's been happening around me. Now, we must speak about what you've done, and how it will affect any further advancement in the Guild." On the subject of Advancement, Vilena will make a surprising statement: "Because of your actions, I am hereby stripping you of your rank of Champion. You were reckless, foolhardy, and dangerous to yourself and the Guild. They were also brave, and necessary. Because of this, I am hereby naming you Master of the Fighters Guild, effective immediately. The Guild has passed me by. You are its future. Take your responsibilty seriously. I wish you luck. You still have many duties to perform." In the end, Vilena will finally hand you a duty to perform: "Your first duty should be to name your second-in-command. I can think of no one better for this job than Modryn Oreyn. Should he accept the position, you would be well-served. Rely on his wisdom and experience more than I did, my friend. Good luck."

Expelled from the Fighters Guild

If you commit a crime against a fellow guild member, everyone associated with the Fighters Guild will resent talking to you, but will point you towards Vilena. If you committed a petty theft, they will say: "You've stolen from the Fighters Guild! Go speak with Vilena Donton. None of your brothers will deal with you until you atone for your actions." If you killed another guild member their reaction will be much harder: "You've killed one of your Fighters Guild brothers! I'll have no more to do with you. If you have any hope of redemption, speak with Vilena Donton." When approached about this, Vilena will respond differently depending on your crime, and will be prepared to offer you two chances of redemption. The first offense involves collecting 20 Bear Pelts, the second offense involves collecting 20 Minotaur Horns. Her dialogue will differ depending on your crime, and, after your second offense, depending on your prerequisite crime:

Action Response
Theft "You would steal from your brothers? If you had a need for something, why would you not just ask? I will give you a chance, though. As it is only your first offense, do not return until you have collected 20 bear pelts. Use this time to reflect on your actions."
Murder "You've murdered one of your brothers. While we may die in battle, we do not expect to die at the hands of our friends. I offer you a chance for redemption. Do not return until you have 20 bear pelts. Take this time to come to terms with what you've done."
Elaboration "You've been told what you must do in order to regain your standing, and you've not yet done it. Don't return until you have twenty bear pelts."
Completed "So, you've collected the pelts. I trust you've learned a lesson. Your rank is restored, along with all rights and responsibilities."

If you commit another crime against the Guild everyone associated with the Guild will turn you away with: "You've committed yet another crime against your Fighters Guild brothers. Go speak with Donton. Until then, goodbye."

Action Action Response
Murder Murder "You've killed another of your brothers! During other times, I'd have you killed for this. One chance. Bring me twenty minotaur horns. Perhaps this exercise will help you build character, or vent your murderous rage elsewhere. Or, you'll die, and you won't be our problem. Now, go."
Theft Murder "First a theft, and now a murder. Your crimes are escalating. You have one final chance. Go out and collect the horns of twenty minotaurs. If you succeed, perhaps you'll have learned something in that time. If you fail, perhaps you'll be dead, and no longer our problem. Now, go."
Theft Theft "Another theft! This is your final chance. Go back into the field, and return to me with the horns of twenty minotaurs. If you return, perhaps you'll have gained some measure of character. Perhaps, though, you'll die. Then you're no longer the guild's problem."
Murder Theft "First you murder, now you steal? Have you gone mad? You're a disgrace. I will offer you one final chance. Return with 20 minotaur horns if you wish to rejoin the Fighters Guild. Perhaps you'll find redemption; perhaps you'll die trying. Go now."
Elaboration "Don't speak to me again, unless you've gotten twenty minotaur horns. Then, perhaps we'll have something to discuss."
Completed "You've brought back the horns. Your rank and responsibilities are restored. There will be no further chances given you."

When you commit your third crime, it being murder or theft, there will be no more chances and Vilena will personally kick you out of the Guild for good: "By your crimes, you have been permanently expelled from the Fighters Guild. You have no further chance to atone for your actions. All guild members have been instructed to deny you service, shelter, and assistance. From now until your death, you do not exist in our eyes."


"Vilena is pretty useless since Vitellus died. Thank gods Oreyn is around to keep things together."
"I know Vilena's got Vitellus on her mind, but she'll spoil Viranus if she keeps him out of the real action."
"I sure wish Vitellus hadn't died. That was sure a mess."
"Everyone needs to buckle down and get the work done. And Vilena needs to get out and push guild contracts."
"The Fighters Guild is a family business. With Vitellus dead, Viranus is in line to succeed his mother."
"Vilena Donton needs to set a fire under the Fighters Guild if they expect to compete with the Blackwood Company."
"Vilena Donton hasn't been very aggressive as head of the Fighters Guild. Maybe her son Viranus will show a bit more spunk."
"With Vitellus dead, Vilena thinks only about protecting Viranus. That's a sure way to ruin the boy."
"Viranus is a good kid. It's his mom who's getting in the way."
"Oreyn is trying to get Viranus out in the field, but Vilena keeps interfering."
"Viranus needs to stop hiding behind his mother's skirts if he expects to run this outfit someday."
"Oreyn is in a foul mood lately. I think he's just about out of patience with Vilena and the whole Blackwood Company situation."
"I think Oreyn is planning to send Viranus out on the Blankenmarch contract. I'm betting Vilena is not happy about it... if she knows."
"Viranus, the Fighters Guild son-and-heir, is dead, and Vilena kicked Modryn Oreyn out of the guild. The Fighters Guild is falling apart."
"With Modryn Oreyn gone, and Vilena Donton mourning her lost sons, who's left to lead the Fighters Guild?"
"Modryn Oreyn got kicked out, and Vilena Donton thinks only about her dead sons. The Fighters Guild is finished."
"I bet the Blackwood Company had something to do with Viranus Donton's death."
"So Viranus is dead. Modryn Oreyn is gone. We are in real trouble."
"Everyone feels sorry for the Fighters Guild, but they can't function without leadership."
"What chance do we have without Oreyn? Poor Vilena is completely useless. I don't see how we survive this."
"Oreyn has a plan. Just keep your mouth shut, and stay away from Vilena."
"It could be worse. Vilena could just shut us down. I hope she doesn't."
"I feel sorry for Vilena Donton, but she had to go. A new master is just what we need to restore the Fighters Guild's reputation."

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