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Ульрих Леланд
Город Cheydinhal
Дом Cheydinhal Castle Barracks
Раса Бретон Пол Мужской
Уровень PC+15 Класс Knight
RefID 000055F8 BaseID 000034CC
Дополнительная информация
Здоровье 38 + (5+2.6)x(PC+14), PC=1-4 Магия 175 + 1.5x(PC+14) (max=300)
Ответств. 99 Агрессия 5
Важный Until Corruption and Conscience is begun (Conditional Scripted Death)
Спутник Corruption and Conscience
Фракции Cheydinhal Castle; Cheydinhal Citizens; Cheydinhal Guards
Ulrich Leland in Cheydinhal

Ulrich Leland is a Бретон Knight and the Captain of the Cheydinhal city guard. His policies on hefty fines and strict enforcement have made him rather unpopular with most of the residents of the city, and even some of the other guards. Investigation will reveal that Ulrich is not entirely honest with the proceeds of these fines.

Before the related quest, Ulrich will not talk to the player. If engaged in conversation, he will tell the player, "Get out of my way or I'll have you slapped in irons." and exit the conversation.

Ulrich wields a silver battleaxe in combat. He wears chainmail boots, chainmail greaves, and chainmail gauntlets. He wears a Cheydinhal Cuirass clearly revealing his identity as a Cheydinhal Guard. He carries key to Castle Cheydinhal's interior and exterior, and one to his quarters in the Cheydinhal barracks. He also carries a small amount of gold. Ulrich has the ability to use a leveled set of knight spells.

Связанные квесты


  • Although he is a guard, he will never arrest you. All of the guards' arrest dialogues are specifically for Имперец guards, and Ulrich is a Breton.
  • After having him thrown into the dungeons (if done so), you can visit him in the city dungeons, just off the barracks.


  • If you complete the "Corruption and Conscience" quest, choose Garrus's method of having Ulrich thrown into the dungeons, then subsequently complete the Cheydinhal part of the "Allies for Bruma" quest, visiting Ulrich in the dungeons will result in him talking to you as if he were a soldier waiting for the Defense of Bruma battle. This is because Ulrich is added to the "MQ13 allies faction" faction even if he has been imprisoned. He will not actually talk to you in the dungeon - rather the subtitles will appear, but his lips do not move and he makes no sound. This has been seen to happen before the actual Battle of Bruma also, however, with him as a normal combatant.