Oblivion:Улмаг гро-Громгог

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Улмаг гро-Громгог
Локация Fort Sutch
Раса Орк Пол Мужской
Уровень 5 Класс Воин
RefID 000314DE BaseID 00028FA9
Дополнительная информация
Здоровье 60 Магия 75
Ответств. 20 Агрессия 70
Фракции Dark07Mercenaries
Ulmug gro-Cromgog

Ulmug gro-Cromgog is an Орк warrior and mercenary, currently guarding his leader, Roderick, who lies in a state of near-death in Fort Sutch, northeast of Анвил. Little does Ulmug and his compatriots know that their efforts will prove futile, as somebody has hired the Темное братство to take Roderick out for good.

When you enter the fort for the first time during the quest, you will always overhear Ulmug and fellow mercenary Neesha having a conversation in the big central room of the fort. Afterwards, they will accompany each other towards Rodericks’s sickbed, where they will split up.

Ulmug patrols the northeastern part of the fort and represents your final obstacle before you can open up the medicine cabinet and exchange Roderick's vital medicine with poison. His movements are random, but he mostly sticks to the northern walls and takes only a few sporadic strolls around the dining area in the middle. He will do so twenty-four hours a day, without eating or sleeping, and will, like the other mercenaries in the fort, attack you on sight.

He wears an almost complete set of heavy armor (cuirass, boots, gauntlets and greaves) and wields a battle axe, all of which are the best possible quality for your level. He carries around the gate key to the fort and a small amount of gold.

Should Ulmug survive the quest, he will stay inside Fort Sutch indefinitely, as hostile as ever.

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  • Ulmug's initial conversation with Neesha is described here.