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Город Имперский Город
Talos Plaza District
Дом Thamriel's House
Раса Босмер Пол Женский
Уровень 4 Класс Commoner
RefID 0001FDDB BaseID 0001FDCB
Дополнительная информация
Здоровье 45 Магия 110
Ответств. 50 Агрессия 5
Фракции Skingrad Citizen; IC Citizens; Thamriel's House; Eight Cities Couriers Customers; Talos Plaza Horse
Thamriel in the Imperial City's Market District

Thamriel is a Босмер Commoner who lives in the Имперский Город's Talos Plaza District with her caretaker Elragail.

Thamriel sleeps in her house from 10pm until 6am and then spends four hours wandering around her ground floor. At 10am she heads to The Foaming Flask for breakfast and spends two hours there before heading home again. At 2pm she walks to the Market District and walks around the southern corner for three hours. On Morndas, Middas and Fredas she then heads over to Green Emperor Way and wanders there until 9pm before returning home; on other days she goes straight home from the Market District. Additionally, Sundas sees her spend 8am to noon praying in the Temple of the One. Thamriel was also intended to play a role in the unfinished "Imperial Couriers" quest; at midday on the 3rd of each month, as long as Maenlorn is still alive, she will head to the Вороной Курьер and stay there for a brief moment before she resumes her usual schedule.

On the 20th of each month, when the clock strikes midnight, Thamriel starts her long journey towards Скинград. She crosses the Talos Bridge and heads south on the Red Ring Road, before finally hitting the Gold Road for the rest of the trip. She arrives in Skingrad the next morning and checks in at the Two Sisters Lodge just before noon. Here, she will socialize with the other regulars without ever eating nor sleeping. At midnight on the 22nd, she returns to the Imperial City and her usual routines.

Thamriel appears to be a little unhinged. When first encountered, she will announce "Thamriel of Tamriel. What are all those strange creatures in the garden? Where are all the white birds?", and her friend Elragail will tell you that "I look after Thamriel. He's [sic] a little strange. 'Touched by the Gods', they say." Other residents of the Imperial City speculate on her strangeness, and will say "Thamriel says she hears voices. All the men and women who lived and died here for thousands of years... maybe they left ghosts behind."

She wears a middle-class outfit of burgundy linen pants and shirt with pigskin shoes. She also carries a few gold coins and her house key. Her house is split into three levels, with a basement and private quarters in addition to the ground floor. All three levels contain several crates and barrels of random clutter. The basement also holds a locked chest with a chance of up to three leveled pieces of equipment or arrows. In a wine rack, you'll find a few bottles of cheap wine; the highlight on the ground floor is the silver cutlery, and the upstairs is similarly bare, with a few books and some more silver the only items of interest.


  • Thamriel is one of the characters affected by an audio glitch.
  • It appears that Thamriel was supposed to have a dialogue line about the Imperial City: "I beg your pardon. The city? Here's the city. All around us. A thousand stones, a thousand souls. I hear them all. Sometimes. But not right now. They're all quiet. Did you frighten them away?" This line was assigned to Elragail instead (who will never say this line as a different line will take prominence over it). Judging from the similarity to Thamriel's other dialogue line in contrast to Elragail's dialogue, it appears that it was meant for Thamriel.
  • Thamriel was originally designed as a man. Elragail still refers to her as a "he", and the dialogue has a note in the CS that says "changed "He's' to 'She's' -- our sex change error".