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Стантус Варрид
Город Имперский Город
Temple District
Дом Stantus Varrid's House
Раса Имперец Пол Мужской
Уровень 4 Класс Commoner
RefID 0001D5B8 BaseID 0001D349
Дополнительная информация
Здоровье 53 Магия 110
Ответств. 50 Агрессия 5
Фракции IC Citizens; Eight Cities Couriers Customers; Talos Plaza Horse
Stantus Varrid in the Imperial City's Green Emperor Way

Stantus Varrid is an Имперец commoner and former priest living in the Имперский Город's Temple District.

After neglecting his duties as a priest, Stantus now lives a rich and varied life in the Imperial City. His mansion is located in the very center of the Temple District and he sleeps on the second floor every night between midnight and 6am. He always starts the day with a two-hour breakfast on the ground floor, and then his schedule varies; on Morndas, Middas and Fredas, he strolls around on the ground floor until noon, when he travels to the Green Emperor Way and spends the afternoon there. He heads back to his house at 5pm, eats a quick dinner at 6pm, then heads down to the All-Saints Inn where he hangs out until his bedtime. On Tirdas he enters the Temple of the One from 8am until noon, when it he visits the popular Arboretum until his usual visit to the All-Saints Inn at 7pm. On Turdas, he will largely do the same, but will skip the Temple and head directly to the Arboretum at 8am. On Loredas, he spends the entire day on the ground floor of his house and eats a two-hour dinner at 6pm. On Sundas, at 8am, he travels to the Market District and strolls around until noon, then returns to his house and wanders on the ground floor until bedtime, interrupted only by his dinner at 6pm. There are a few exceptions to this schedule; during Light the Dragonfires, Stantus will stay barricaded inside his house while Mehrunes Dagon terrorizes the Temple District; he was also intended to play a role in the unfinished "Imperial Couriers" quest; at midday on the 22nd of each month, as long as Mariana Ancharia is still alive, he will head to the Black Horse Courier office and stay there for a brief moment before he resumes his usual routines.

At midnight, on the 13th of each month, Stantus breaks off all his routines and leaves the Imperial City for a long, dangerous trip to Брума. He crosses the Talos Bridge and heads around Озеро Румаре using the Red Ring Road. Right after Aleswell he heads north on the Silver Road which he follows for the rest of the trip. It usually takes him sixteen hours and he usually arrives at Bruma’s east gate at 4pm. Once there, he quickly books himself in at the Jerall View Inn for two days of socializing with the many Норд regulars. When the clock strikes midnight on 15th, he heads back to the Imperial City.

He wears a set of simple, lower-class attire, a collared shirt with tan linens and a pair of quilted shoes. He also carries his house key and a small amount of gold.

When approached for the first time, Stantus will introduce himself and hint at his lack of faith: "Stantus Varrid. I'm not a priest any more... just a private seeker in search of white light." When asked about the Imperial City, he will elaborate: "Look around. Count the true believers. How many of these people really have faith? It's easy to have faith when everything's fine."

His house is facing the Temple of the One on the south side of the circle. On the main level both the south wall and the east wall feature a set of stairs leading up to the private quarters, and a door below them leading to the basement. At the foot of the eastern stairs a chest of drawers contains clutter, as do the two barrels beside it and the cupboard beside them. Beside the stairs a table with a single chair holds a bottle of cheap wine. A desk between the two staircases holds clutter and possibly a common book. On the west wall a cupboard contains food, as do the two barrels on the same wall. A wine rack on the north wall holds fifteen bottles of Tamika's West Weald Wine, and the sack next to it contains clutter. The barrel on the same wall holds food, and the chest next to it contains more clutter. The two large round rugs in the middle of the room both serve as seating areas - the one on the eastern end has a small table with two benches and a chair, and two bottles of cheap wine and a bowl of nine blackberries on the table; the one on the southern end is a dining area, with a large table that seats six. The table is set for six, and each plate has venison and a cheese wedge on it. On the table are also four тыкваs, three loaves of bread, three heads of lettuce, and two more pieces of venison, as well as three bottles of Tamika's West Weald Wine and two bottles of cheap wine.

In the private quarters, the main room is an entry area with two tables; one holds two bottles of Tamika's West Weald Wine and two bottles of cheap wine, the other holds a single bottle of the two wines and two pumpkins. The chest in the southwest corner contains clutter. The three large bookshelves hold an alembic, a calcinator, and a retort. A hallway in the northeast corner features two doors on the south wall. The eastern door leads into a bedroom with a single bed on the south wall. The chest of drawers next to it contains clothing, and the jewelry chest on top of belongs to Stantus and is locked with a hard lock. The desk by the door contains clutter and possibly a common book, and on top of it sit the kitchen and paintings upgrades for the house for sale in the Imperial City. A wine rack in the southeast alcove holds ten bottles of Tamika's West Weald Wine, four bottles of Surilie Brothers Wine, and two bottles of cheap wine. The chest next to it contains gold, jewelry, and/or clutter. The westernmost door in the hall leads into a smaller bedroom with a single bed against the south wall. The chest at the foot of the bed contains clutter, and the chest of drawers next to the bed contains clothing. The chest on this same wall contains armor and/or weapons, and the two barrels next to it contains clutter.

The landing in the middle of the westernmost of the two sets of stairs leading into the basement holds a clutter sack and a food barrel. In the main room of the basement, a barrel on the east wall contains food and a chest on the west wall contains clutter. On the north wall are six more food barrels and a clutter chest, with a little pile of bonemeal behind the chest.

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