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Сэр Кай
Добавляется дополнением Knights of the Nine
Локация Priory of the Nine
Раса Имперец Пол Мужской
Уровень PC-3 (min=3) Класс Knight
RefID xx001C72 BaseID xx000F7C
Дополнительная информация
Здоровье 43 + (5+2.6)x(PC-4), PC=8-22 Магия 100 + 1.5x(PC-4) (max=250)
Ответств. 50 Агрессия 0
Фракции Knights of the Nine; NDGhostKnightFaction
The ghost of Sir Caius

Sir Caius is an Имперец ghost added by the Knights of the Nine официальный плагин. He was a Knight of the Nine long ago.

You will meet the ghost of Sir Caius at the Priory of the Nine during the quest Priory of the Nine.

Sir Caius wears chainmail boots, gauntlets, greaves, and helmet. He also wears a Knight of the Nine Cuirass and carries a Knights of the Nine Shield. He wields a steel longsword in combat.

Asking Sir Caius about the Gauntlets of the Crusader before recovering them will have him reply by saying; "The Gauntlets were recovered by Sir Casimir. One of our few victories during our time. But then even our victories became our failure." If you ask him about "Knights of the Nine", he says: "In death, we continue the work that escaped us in life. The relics must still be guarded, for some day they shall be needed once more." Asking him about Sir Berich before being given the Greaves of the Crusader by Lathon will have him mention that he is largely to blame for the destruction of the original order; "Alas that my old comrade is not among us here. We do not know why his spirit did not join us here to guard our last Relic. We were estranged in life, but I had hoped that in death we could be reconciled. For my part, I now know that I am largely to blame for the ruin of the old Order. Sir Amiel takes too much upon himself. I will say no more." Once you learn of the fate of Sir Berich he will tell you the tale of his fate: "Alas that the evil begun on the day of my death should have struck so deep! When Sir Berich said he would take his Relics with him to war, and would not listen to Sir Amiel's pleas, I allowed my anger to get the best of me. Know that I was the one who drew weapon first against Sir Berich. He merely defended himself, and proved the better swordsman. And now, because of me... evil has claimed his very soul." Once you destroy the wraith of Lord Vlindrel, asking him about Sir Berich will have him thank you for setting right his mistake: "You put right the evil that I began through my own weakness. Sir Berich is once again part of our fellowship, and shall be forevermore."

After completing the Knights of the Nine quests, his tomb in the basement of the Priory of the Nine grants you Stendarr's Blessing; "Stendarr grants you the gift of legerity. Always be swift to protect and swift to forgive." The blessing grants you an additional five points to your Харизма Attribute. This effect is semi-permanent: it stays in effect until you activate another of the Knights' tombs and receive a different blessing.

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