Oblivion:Шагрол гро-Узуг

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Шагрол гро-Узуг
Добавляется дополнением Fighter's Stronghold
Город Battlehorn Castle
Локация Basement
Раса Орк Пол Мужской
Уровень PC+20 Класс Воин
RefID xx00C008 BaseID xx00B09F
Дополнительная информация
Здоровье 214 + 6 × PC Магия 105 + 1.5 × (PC-1)
Ответств. 80 Агрессия 5
Важный Always
Фракции Faction for Battlehorn NPCs, Sparring faction for Battlehorn trainer
Shagrol gro-Uzug in Battlehorn Castle

Shagrol gro-Uzug is an Орк warrior who travels to Battlehorn Castle after the Training Room upgrade is purchased, and runs the castle's Training Room. You can spar with him using your choice of a two-handed weapon, one-handed weapon or a dagger. He will attack you with your choice of weapon, but he is careful never to wound you, so this is a good way to train your Блок skill. However, as he does no damage, your Легкие доспехи or Тяжелые доспехи skills will not increase. No bounty is received for fighting him in this way.

Shagrol wears laced leather pants and a pair of rough leather shoes. Shagrol also wears iron gauntlets. He carries three special weapons, a sparring warhammer, a sparring war axe, and a sparring dagger. These weapons all notably do no damage. Besides that he also has an iron bow with iron arrows. He carries a small amount of gold and a piece of mutton.

Shagrol sleeps between 1am and 7am in the large room he shares with Plautis Rusonius. He eats two meals a day: lunch is from midday to 2pm, and dinner from 6pm to 8pm. He eats somewhere close to the training room, which typically means either in his room or in the wine cellar. For the rest of the day he practices his fighting skills, switching between archery, hand-to-hand, or any of his three melee weapons. During this period of time he will also be available for sparring. While eating his midday meal, Shagrol will offer his services as a trainer of Block, but will always tell you that your level is too high (see below).


  • You can pickpocket Shagrol gro-Uzug's sparring weapons (he will create new ones) and use them to spar against him. Due to the fact that they cause no damage and never break from combat you can easily level up your Blade and Blunt skills.
  • To maximize the experience you get out of sparring with Shagrol, set the difficulty slider to the right. This prevents him from falling unconscious too quickly. As he does no damage whatever the difficulty, you won't be in any danger of dying either. You should be aware, however, that if he is disarmed and unable to retrieve his weapon, his hand-to-hand damage can be lethal.
  • Do not spar with him when you have several followers, they will all attack him, and a Man-At-Arms will attack them, since they get a plus 50 disposition boost with Shagrol, resulting in some chaos.


  • If Shagrol's sparring weapon breaks during sparring, or from using a spell or weapon against him that has a Disintegrate Weapon effect, he may equip and unequip his normal weapon (a one-handed axe) over and over. This may persist even if sparring is stopped and restarted preventing him from sparring again with that weapon. Pickpocketing the broken weapon from him may fix the problem.
  • He is, technically, a trainer in Блок and a training services icon will appear in his dialogue menu if you talk to him between noon and 2pm. However, he will never actually train you because he is set to provide training only up to skill level 0 (i.e., you will always be told that your skill level is too high).