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Саломон Жеонет
Город Имперский Город
Temple District
Дом Salomon Geonette's House
Раса Бретон Пол Мужской
Уровень 4 Класс Commoner
RefID 0001DA8C BaseID 0001D34D
Дополнительная информация
Здоровье 49 Магия 185
Ответств. 50 Агрессия 5
Фракции Bruma Citizens; IC Citizens; Salomon Geonette's House; Eight Cities Couriers Customers
Salomon Geonette

Salomon Geonette is a Бретон commoner and musician living in the Имперский Город's Temple District. He is married to Renee Geonette, and he owns a dog named Charlotte. Talk to Salomon, and he'll tell you he was commissioned by the Emperor to compose a symphony.

Salomon spends most of his time at home. He wakes up every morning at 6am, and eats breakfast in his house's main floor for two hours. On Tirdas and Turdas, he then goes to the Market District to wander around for four hours until noon. He then heads home for the rest of the day. On Morndas, Middas and Fredas he stays home until noon, when he heads to the Arboretum to relax for six hours, before heading back home at 6pm. On Sundas, he spends his morning worshipping at the Temple of the One from 8am to midday. At all other times, he wanders around his house until his bedtime at 11pm, including all day on Loredas.

Salomon takes a trip to Брума on the 8th of every month at midnight, staying until midnight on the 10th. While there he stays at Olav's Tap and Tack, wandering around the main floor. He also goes to the Вороной Курьер every month on the 27th and will hang around for a brief amount of time before resuming his normal schedule. He was supposed to send Olav a letter as part of the unfinished quest to do with couriers. There are only two exceptions to this schedule. During the Light the Dragonfires quest when the Имперский Город is under martial law and Salomon is confined to his house. Also, if Salomon is in Bruma during the Bruma curfew, he will leave and return to his house.

Salomon wears a pair of tan linens, doeskin shoes and a quilted doublet. He always carries his house key around with him, as well as a small amount of gold.

His house has not much of note within it. The first floor houses his dog Charlotte and her kennel. Nine bottles of Tamika's West Weald Wine can be found in the wine rack with an additional two bottles sitting on the nearby table. The locked chest near the stairs is filled with clutter. In his basement, there is a locked chest in the northwestern corner that may contain silverware, jewelry or an animal pelt, and always contains a small amount of gold. In his private quarters, the only items of note is a Nirnroot located on a chest of drawers just inside the door and an unlocked equipment chest at the foot of the bed.

Salomon has two unique pieces of dialogue. The first time you meet him, and 20% of the time thereafter, he will say, "Salomon Geonette. I'm a musician. I had a commission from the Emperor to compose a symphony... But now, with the emperor dead, everything is at sixes and sevens." When asked about the Imperial City, he will tell you, "Soon, the Elder Council must choose a new emperor, and then I suppose they'll sort out my commission. Until then, I just have to keep on working."

His wife, Renee is proud of his work and will tell you that "Renee Geonette. My husband, Salomon, has a court commission to compose a symphony.", as well as "It's so sad. Salomon was to compose a symphony for Uriel Septim, to be performed for the whole city in the Arena."