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Романа Фалерия
Город Имперский Город
Эльфийские сады
Дом Tertius Favonius's House
Раса Имперец Пол Женский
Уровень 4 Класс Commoner
RefID 0001C4C0 BaseID 00016062
Дополнительная информация
Здоровье 53 Магия 110
Ответств. 50 Агрессия 5
Фракции Bruma Citizens; Tertius Favonius; IC Citizens

Romana Faleria is an Имперец commoner residing in the Имперский Город's Эльфийские сады. She is the girlfriend of Tertius Favonius and they share his house in the northeastern part of the District.

While Tertius hands out copies of The Black Horse Courier all day long, Romana lives her own quiet existence and spends most of her time either at home or strolling around in the big city. She wakes up at 6am and spends the first two hours of the day on the ground floor with Tertius. He leaves at 8am, but Romana stays a bit longer and leaves at 1pm for a two-hour lunch at The King and Queen Tavern. Once she is full she will travel to the Temple District and stroll around there all day long. She returns home at 10pm for two-hours of quality time with Tertius before her bedtime at midnight.

At midnight, on the 29th of each month (with the natural exception of Sun’s Dawn), Romana packs up, leaves the Imperial City and takes a long, dangerous trip to Брума. She crosses the Talos Bridge and heads around Озеро Румаре using the Red Ring Road. Right after Aleswell she heads north on the Silver Road which she follows for the rest of the trip. It usually takes her sixteen hours and she arrives at Bruma’s east gate at 4pm. Once there, she quickly books herself in at the Jerall View Inn for two days of socializing with the many Норд regulars. When the clock strikes midnight on the third day, she heads back to the Imperial City and her beloved husband.

Romana wears a set of ordinary lower-class items which includes a pair of clogs, coarse linens and a green wool shirt. She carries her house key and a small amount of gold.

When you meet her for the first time, it becomes apparent just how proud she is of her boyfriend: "Isn't Tertius a dreamboat? I'm Romana Faleria. I'm such a lucky girl." She will also reveal that she is aware that Tertius used to be a womanizer: "It is SO hard to find a man you can trust in this big city. Sure, Tertius has had his share of girls. Just look at him. But all that's changed now." Talking to Tertius proves that she might be right: "Romana and me have set up housekeeping. She's a real doll, isn't she?" and "I like the ladies. It's been my weakness. But now I've got Romana, I stay away from the fleshpots."


  • For no good reason, Romana has two sleep packages. Only one of them ever runs and both of them would have identical effects.
  • She is supposed to eat a two-hour meal at home from 6pm, but the AI package causing her to wander around the temple district takes precedence.
  • Romana has a line of dialogue that can never be heard: "The Watch is so completely on my ass. So I got to lay low for a while. I got some dosh stashed, so I'm fine for now." It is supposed to be played when asking her about the Imperial City if her disposition towards you is over 50, but her standard line is above it in the dialogue list and so this one never gets used.