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Рена Бруйант
Город Chorrol
Дом Rimalus Bruiant's House
Раса Имперец Пол Женский
Уровень 4 Класс Noble
RefID 000234D8 BaseID 000222B2
Дополнительная информация
Здоровье 50 Магия 105
Ответств. 100 Агрессия 5
Фракции Bruiant Family; Chorrol Citizen
Rena Bruiant in the streets of Chorrol

Rena Bruiant is an Имперец noble and passionate dog-lover living in Chorrol with her husband Rimalus, and their two dogs, Bailey and Kezune.

She lives a rather monotonous life and always starts the day at 6am with two hours of wandering on the ground floor of her house. At 8am, she will take the dogs and head to the Chapel of Stendarr where she receives a blessing from the altar of Дибелла followed by four hours of praying. At 12pm she will leave the Chapel and will stand in the entrance, watching the townsfolk pass by. At 4pm she will head back to her house and rest for two hours until it is time for dinner. After she finishes her meal at 8pm, she will relax on the ground floor for four hours until she finally finds her bed at midnight.

Her attire consists of a blue & green outfit combined with a pair of quilted shoes. She also carries some extra tan linens, the key to their house and a leveled amount of gold.

She is obsessed with dogs as she tells you when introducing herself: "I'm Rena Bruiant. I love dogs. Doesn't everyone?" She is also aware that they have a well-known reputation in Chorrol about their passion for dogs: "They probably call us 'the Dog People' here in town. Rimalus and I love dogs. We have quite a few. So sweet and well-behaved, you wouldn't believe." Her husband concurs and will say: "Rena and I moved to Chorrol so we could have a nice, comfortable home for our dogs. It's a lovely town. And our dogs are so happy here."

The townsfolk of Chorrol have noticed the strange behavior of the Bruiants. When asked about rumors they will tell you that: "I think Rena Bruiant may actually love dogs more than her husband. Strange couple, those two.", "I saw Rena Bruiant talking to her dogs the other day. I think she thinks they understand her." and "Have you seen the Bruiants and their dogs?" Other citizens will respond: "Odd folks, the way they dote on those dogs. They're not hurting anyone, though, so it's no concern of mine.", "I've seen them. Everyone likes a good dog, but they're an odd couple.", "I like dogs, but it's a bit excessive with those two folks." and "I've never been a huge dog lover myself, but some people really love them."