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Онтус Ванин
Город Имперский Город Talos Plaza District
Дом Ontus Vanin's House
Раса Имперец Пол Мужской
Уровень PC+5 (min=15) Класс Боевой маг
RefID 0001CF34 BaseID 0001CF33
Дополнительная информация
Здоровье 43 + (3+1.4)x(PC+4), PC=1-20 Магия 113 + 7.5x(PC+4) (max=250)
Ответств. 75 Агрессия 10
Фракции IC Citizens; Ontus Vanin
Ontus Vanin

Ontus Vanin is retired from the Гильдия Магов. He "sleeps late and reads trashy books". After spending 40 years at the Университет Таинств, he's completely useless and proud of it. He is still officially considered to be a researcher at the university; because of that connection, Hrormir's Icestaff is returned to Ontus' house during the Гильдия воров quest Misdirection. He lives in the Имперский Город Talos Plaza District.

Ontus wears a pair of gold trimmed shoes and a white mage's robe. He carries around a random staff and a steel longsword for protection. He also has the key to his house and some gold. Ontus knows a leveled set of battlemage spells.

He can be found in his house between about 10 AM and 12 PM, when he will lock his doors and boot you out. He then proceeds to wander the Talos Plaza District, going to The Tiber Septim Hotel.

His house is on the lower section of the western wall in the Talos Plaza District. The dining table has on it four beef steaks, fourteen radishes, and three bottles of mead. The pantry behind the table holds more food, and next to it on the floor are two тыквы and a watermelon. On the other side of the pantry is a food preparation surface with another two beef steaks on it. There are also two flour sacks on the floor. The stairs leading to his private quarters has a weapons chest at the foot of it. His private quarters holds little of interest. The wardrobe on the western wall holds random upper-class clothing and there is a clutter chest next to it. On top of the cupboard at the foot of his bed is a locked jewelry box. The coffee table has nine blackberries in a silver bowl and two bottles of beer. Ontus' desk has a bottle of cheap wine on it as well as a copy of Frontier, Conquest. In the alcove behind his stairs are some clutter crates and his chest which is a target in the Thieves Guild quest Misdirection. His basement holds only the standard clutter crates.

Unique Dialogue

I spent 40 years at the Arcane University. Good years, but I don't miss it. Now I'm completely useless, and proud of it.


  • He is not an essential NPC during the game (even though he plays a role in the Misdirection quest) so he can be killed.
  • Because he is no longer a member of the Mages Guild, Mages Guild members can murder him without expulsion.
  • Once you have read Modern Heretics or spoken with Ulene Hlervu about "Cheydinhal", a new "Daedra shrines" conversation topic will appear. When you speak to Ontus about this, he will mark Hircine's Shrine, Mephala's Shrine, and Vaermina's Shrine on your map.


  • After the Fighter's Stronghold официальный плагин is installed, Ontus suffers from the Mystic Emporium Bug and will often be found standing just outside the store, unable to enter.
  • Ontus actually dislikes Mages Guild members: he has a -5 disposition modifier towards Mages Guild members. Since this modifier is multiplied by your Mages Guild rank, when you become Arch-Mage, Ontus will have a -50 disposition adjustment to you. This is generally enough to make him attack you on sight, especially as he has slightly higher aggression than most NPCs. This can lead to the guards and townspeople coming to your assistance, then fighting and killing each other as a result of accidental hits.
    • To prevent him from attacking you when you advance through the Mages Guild, the easiest strategy is to be sure to talk to Ontus early in the game and use the Красноречие minigame to boost his disposition as high as possible.
    • If you missed the chance to raise his disposition early in the game, a combination of Calm and Charm spells can stop him attacking, then you can raise his disposition in the Красноречие minigame.
    • PC Only Этот баг был исправлен Unofficial Oblivion Patch.

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