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Город Cheydinhal
Дом Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary
Раса Аргонианин Пол Женский
Уровень PC+10 Класс Assassin
RefID 00025050 BaseID 000224EC
Дополнительная информация
Здоровье 35 + (4+1)x(PC+9), PC=1-33 Магия 138 + 3.5x(PC+9) (max=250)
Ответств. 30 Агрессия 30
Важный Until The Purification
Фракции Dark Brotherhood (Executioner); Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary Dwellers

Ocheeva is an Аргонианин assassin and the head of the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary in Cheydinhal. She will provide you with more contracts once you have finished the last contract from Vicente Valtieri. Her twin brother, Teinaava, is also a member of the guild.

She wakes up at 8am everyday and heads to the Sanctuary's Training room, where she will spend a brief moment of silence for one hour sitting in one of the pews in the room, before starting to practice her sneak attacks during seven hours. Once she has finished training, she will return to her private quarters to have her only meal of the day until 7pm, at that time she will relax in her quarters while reading a copy of the book The Lusty Argonian Maid for five hours. After she has finished reading she will decide to stroll around the Sanctuary for a few hours, until she goes to bed at 4am.

Her equipment consists of the typical Dark Brotherhood's shrouded armor. She is also armed with an unenchanted leveled dagger, and also carries her copy of The Lusty Argonian Maid along with Telaendril's note, the key to unlock the abandoned house and a leveled amount of gold. Ocheeva possesses an ability which gives her resist magic and normal weapons 20%.

She is the first person you meet once you have been granted access to the Sanctuary, and welcomes you with open arms:"Greetings! Greetings! I am Ocheeva, mistress of this Sanctuary. Lucien has told me all about you. Let me welcome you to the Dark Brotherhood!". When she is asked about the mysterious Lucien Lachance, she will tell you about her role in the Sanctuary:"Lucien isn't here very often. His duties with the Black Hand keep him very busy, so he trusts me to keep the Sanctuary in order.". She is also aware about the recent events in the guild, as she will tell you if you ask her about rumors:"I...I've heard some talk. This past year, some family members have been found...murdered! Could there be an assassin among assassins?."

After you have spoken with her twin brother, she will give you some background info about how they joined the Dark Brotherhood if you select the topic of Shadowscale:"I see you have been speaking with Teinaava. What he says is true. All our lives we have lived together in the shadows. We are egg mates. Twins. We were taken at birth, and given to the Dark Brotherhood. We returned to Чернотопье as Shadowscales, trained in the arts of stealth and murder. Together we served our nation as spies and assassins, as all Shadowscales do. When we came of age we joined the family as one. And here we are."

She, and the other Sanctuary members, will offer to give you advices for some of your contracts for the Guild if you ask her:

  • A Watery Grave:"I killed a pirate once. Of course the ship was out to sea at the time. Somewhere between Вварденфелл and Солстхейм. Now those were the days."
  • Accidents Happen:"If things go badly, forgo the plan and simply kill the mark in any way you can. You'll lose the bonus, but at least the contract will be fulfilled."
  • Scheduled for Execution:"No Dark Brother or Sister has successfully infiltrated the Imperial Prison in over three hundred years. This will be a true test of your abilities."

Also, if you accepted to help her brother to eliminate a renegade Shadowscale, she will tell you why Scar-Tail deserves to die a painful death:"Scar-Tail is a traitor to Argonia, and a blight upon Tamriel! Kill him, as my brother requests, and we will be forever in your debt." And once you have given her the news of your deeds, she will happily thank you for your help:"Scar-Tail now lies with the worms of Bogwater, thanks to you. I am forever indebted to you, Brother/Sister."

Quests Given

Связанные квесты

Quest-Related Events

Once you have completed your contract for The Assassinated Man quest, she will become your current contract giver, as Vicente Valtieri explains to you:"Well now, you are an ambitious one, aren't you? I'm afraid I have no more contracts for you. Our time working together has come to an end. Instead, you must report to Ocheeva, here in the Sanctuary. She will be providing all your contracts.", and as you would expect, she is anxiously waiting for your arrival, as she will express when you speak to her for your next job:"Ah, greetings, I have been waiting for you. As Vicente surely told you, your time working with him has come to an end. From now on, you will receive all assignments directly from me."

The Lonely Wanderer

"In the Imperial City there lives a High Elf who must be removed from existence. Finding this person may prove... challenging."

Once you accept the contract, she will fill you in with the details of the target:"I knew you wouldn't be able to resist. Your target is a High Elf named Faelian. He lives somewhere in the Imperial City, and fancies long walks. Unfortunately, that's all we know. We don't know which district he calls home, which establishments he frequents, or anything about his schedule. This contract will require a bit of detective work. I suggest you to speak to your fellow Brothers and Sisters and see if they can offer any advice. If possible, do away with Faelian someplace out of the way. Definitely indoors, with no other people around. A secure location, with no witnesses. This will make it look like a simple murder. Phillida will be none the wiser, and you'll receive a nice bonus."

If you return to her after having failed to kill Faelian in the manner specified she will say:"Yes, Faelian has been killed, but you did not excercise [sic] discretion. How many witnesses were there? We may never know. But you can be sure Adamus Phillida will suspect the Dark Brotherhood was involved, and will launch an investigation:" However, if you succeeded in killing the target correctly, she will congratulate you:"The High Elf Faelian now swims in the maelstrom of darkness at the feet of our Dread Father, Sithis. And, there were no witnesses to your handiwork. Because of the discresion [sic] you excercised [sic], Captain Phillida will not suspect the Dark Brotherhood was involved, and will not meddle in our affairs."

Bad Medicine

"Far to the west there lives a fierce warlord and his company of loyal mercenaries. Your target is the warlord."

Once you have accepted the assignment, she will explain you the details of the deed:"Excellent. Now listen closely. Nestled in the mountains to the west lies Fort Sutch. It is the home of the warlord Roderick and his mercenaries. Roderick has recently taken ill. He now lies in eternal slumber, kept alive only by the daily administration of a powerful medicine. You must infiltrate Fort Sutch, find Roderick's medicine, and replace it with a posioned [sic] bottle I will provide. But you must remain undetected! Whomever arranged this contract wants it to look like Roderick died from his illness, so discretion is essential. Attack no one! Be seen by no one! If you are detected, the poisoning will fail, and Roderick must be killed in some other manner."

If you failed the contract, she will tell you disappointed:"Roderick is dead, and Sithis is appeased. Unfortunately, the same is not true of the client who arranged this contract. You were to avoid detection and kill Roderick by means of poison, yet you failed to follow these parameters. It would seem you and Gogron share a similar... style." However if you were successful, she will say instead:"Ah, so you infiltrated Fort Sutch, remained undetected, and replaced the medicine with the poison I provided. You are truly a master of shadow!"


"Do you like parties? Because you've been invited to one. Of course you'll be killing all the other guests."

Once you agree to the assignment, she will tell you the details:"Splendid. You need to go to the city of Skingrad, to the large house known as Summitmist Manor. There you will meet up with five very unlucky guests. In order to receive your bonus, you must kill each guest secretly, one by one. If anyone sees you commiting [sic] the murder, the bonus is forfeit. The guests believe there is a chest of gold hidden in the house, and have agreed to be locked inside until one of them finds it. In fact, the guests believe the key to the manor is inside the chest, and only by satisfying their greed will they be allowed to leave. Poor fools. There is, of course, no chest of gold. The guests will find no key. After you arrive, the doors will be locked behind you, as everyone expects. When all the guests lie dead, you will be free to leave. Now go, see the doorman at Summitmist Manor. He will explain the rest. Have fun."

If you were detected while fulfilling the contract, Ocheeva will reprimand you by saying:"You managed to kill the five house guests, yes. But your inability to remain undetected will cost you. I must admit, I'm disappointed. This was an important contract, and you stumbled through it like a drunk. Leave me now, and think upon your failure." However, if you instead bring good news of your deeds she will say:"Well done! Not only did you kill the five guests, you acted as an agent of terror and grief. You have earned your reward and bonus, Assassin."

Permanent Retirement

"Do you recall the name Adamus Phillida? The Imperial Legion pest? It's time he joined Sithis in the Void."

Once you have accepted this very important contract, Ocheeva will explain you the situation further:"Adamus Phillida has spend his entire career investigating the Dark Brotherhood. Interrupting our contracts, killing our family members! We tried to eliminate Phillida, of course, but failed on three separate occasions. He's a powerful man, and was surrounded by powerful associates. Now the Legion's pig years of service have come to an end. He has retired. Phillida must not be allowed such a victory! His destiny is... darker. Phillida now resides in Leyawiin, in the City Watch Barracks, an honored guest of the soldiers there. He is, in fact, more vulnerable than ever. The Black Hand has sanctioned the Rose of Sithis. It is a magic arrow specifically enchanted to kill its target. In this case, Phillida. As long as the arrow hits Phillida, he will die. But it cannot pierce armor! Shoot while Phillida is armored, and the Rose will be wasted. Travel to Leyawiin. Track Phillida. Learn his schedule. Observe when he removes that blasted Legion armor! And then, let fly the Rose of Sithis! Kill Phillida in any way, Rose or not, and the contract is complete. But to receive a bonus, you must go beyond murder. You must send a message! Once Phillida is dead, take the very finger from his corpse, the one that bears an Imperial Legion signet ring! Deposit this finger in the desk of Phillida's successor, in his office in the Prison Barracks, in the Imperial City! Do this, and the bonus is yours."

When you return to her, she will express her joy by saying:"Adamus Phillida is dead! I could feel my heart swell in the Night Mother's love the moment that Imperial pig issued his last breath!." However, she will either conclude by saying:"Sadly, you chose not to leave Phillida's severed finger as a warning to his successor. Your laziness has cost you your bonus, I'm afraid" if you didn't completed the contract accordingly, or :"You also managed to leave Phillida's severed finger as a warning to his successor. Well done!" if you fulfilled the contract with the necessary parameters.