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Маттиас Драконис
Город Имперский Город
Talos Plaza District
Дом Matthias Draconis' House
Раса Бретон Пол Мужской
Уровень PC+0 Класс Enforcer
RefID 00031000 BaseID 00030FDA
Дополнительная информация
Здоровье 35 + (4+1.4)x(PC-1), PC=5-43 Магия 175 + 1.5x(PC-1) (max=300)
Ответств. 80 Агрессия 5
Фракции IC Citizens; Umbacano; Matthias Draconis

Matthias Draconis is a Бретон enforcer and one of the guards employed by Umbacano. He lives together with Collatinus Vedius in his house in the Talos Plaza District in the Имперский Город. "Matty", as his mother calls him, has always been a "rough and tumble lad"; this can explain why he is rather rude in conversations. As a member of the Draconis family, he is involved in Next of Kin of the Темное братство quest line.

He gets up at 5am early in the morning, after which he will head straight to Umbacano Manor in the Talos Plaza District, skipping breakfast. He spends the first hour guarding the front door until he starts his regular patrolling routine, where he will take either a stroll around the mansion with a brief visit to the backyard garden, or will enter the house and patrol the ground floor or the basement; He keeps going until 6pm, when he heads to The Bloated Float Inn for a three hour dinner. At 10pm he will head home to read a copy of Tamrielic Lore for two hours, after which he will go to bed.

He's armed with a fine iron shortsword and wears a chainmail cuirass, chainmail greaves, chainmail boots and chainmail gauntlets. He carries laced leather pants which is the clothing he will wear when he's sleeping, a факел, a small amount of gold and his house key.

Matthias lives in the southwestern housing complex of the Talos Plaza district. Upon entering, against the northern wall two clutter barrels rest in an indent, with three more clutter sacks adjacent to them. The northeastern corner holds a small dining table and food storage area. Upon the table, three onions and three boar meat steaks are shared between three plates, while two bottles of cheap wine sit centrally upon it. Next to the dining table two open sacks, one containing corn and the other grain, sit next to a food pantry which has two тыквы atop it. A further two clutter sacks rest in the southeastern corner along side a barrel and storage chest. At the foot of the stairs, a valuables chest and some more clutter sacks rest with another chest, this time containing weaponry, stands at the top of the flight of stairs, outside the door to the private quarters.

Next to his bed, two clutter containers stand next to a pair of doeskin shoes and a pair of russet felt shoes. Next to the bench against the stairwell, some green velvet shoes can be found. In front of and around the closet in the northwestern corner, many more articles of clothing can be found; a green brocade doublet, a brown shirt, a black and burgundy outfit, a red velvet garment, some tan linens, a pair of gold trimmed shoes and some blue suede shoes, with more clothing located in the closet as well as the barrel and possibly the sack next to it. In the area behind the staircase, a table with a bottle of cheap wine, three strawberries and a cheese wedge. The basement holds little of interest, four clutter barrels, four sacks, three storage crates, three rice bags and two chests also containing clutter scatter the floor and short flight of stairs in the lower level of the house.

Upon seeing you, he may utter a loud snort sound. If you ask him about the Imperial City, he will reflect his opinion on Umbacano: "Master Umbacano is a fine gentleman. Mad for old Ayleid stuff, true, but he's got the dosh, so it's all right, ain't it?" When asked about Umbacano, he will elaborate: "I got no complaints. Kind of an arrogant bastard if you get right down to it, but he pays us well enough." Upon leaving conversation, he will rather rudely say: "Uh-huh. Whatever you say."

When the quest Next of Kin has started, he will greet you with: "Yeah? What're you lookin' at?", after which you get three different options which will end the conversation. If you say "I'm looking at a dead man", he won't be very shocked: "What? A dead man? You got some kind of death wish, is that it?", which causes his disposition to drop by 50. If you say "Time to die, slave of Ситис!", he will get the same disposition drop and he won't be scared of you at all: "Slave of WHAT? Oh, all right, then! You're some kind of crazy, is that it? Come here then! Show me what you've got!" If you say nothing, he will be a bit creeped out by it, but there won't be a disposition drop: "Oh-kaaay... Well then, I'm going to go about my business. And stop staring at me, would ya? You're giving me the creeps!"

After he has been killed, you may hear citizens of the Imperial City outside the Talos Plaza District say: "Did you know that fellow who was killed recently? In the Talos Plaza District? Matthias Draconis?" or "Hey, did you hear about that murder in the Talos Plaza District? I think the man's name was Draconis. Yeah, cut down in the prime of his life."

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  • Matthias is a Breton, though the rest of his family are all имперцы.
  • When killed, Matthias' body will never disappear, although his grave is still somehow dug outside Applewatch.