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Лартьяр Увалень
Город Имперский Город
Локация Arboretum
Раса Норд Пол Мужской
Уровень 3 Класс Thief
RefID 0000BD61 BaseID 0000BD60
Дополнительная информация
Здоровье 41 Магия 77
Ответств. 50 Агрессия 5
Важный Until Lost Histories is completed
Фракции IC Citizens; IC Beggars; Beggars
Larthar the Laggard

Larthjar the Laggard is a Норд beggar living in the Имперский Город's Arboretum. At some point, Larthjar makes his way to Скинград and encounters some trouble that lands him in the Skingrad prison where he can be persuaded to provide information concerning a missing fellow Гильдия воров member also imprisoned in Skingrad. He will attempt to escape should you unlock his cell, and will return to the Arboretum if he succeeds.

Larthjar lives a simple life during his stay in the Skingrad Prison. He will sleep all day, every day unless you go near his cell, in which case he will get up and head to the entrance of his cell. If he is freed he will move to the Imperial City Arboretum. Once in the Imperial City Larthjar's daily routine changes drastically. After he gets up at 6am he will beg at the gate that leads towards the Университет Таинств for six hours. At noon he will head to the opposite side of the Arboretum to beg at the gate that connects to Green Emperor Way for the next six hours. After a long day of begging he will take a meal for the next two hours near his bedroll. From 8pm until 10pm, having finished his meal he will wander around his camp. Finally he will head to bed at 10pm, sleeping for eight hours, after waking up Larthjar will repeat his daily routine. He wears only a pair of pants and a shirt.

Larthjar becomes a part of the quest Lost Histories as soon as you gain access to the Skingrad Jail. When you enter the jail to search for Theranis, you will find that Larthjar is the only prisoner present. He will plead hopefully "Are you here to rescue me?". If you decline to help him out, he will tell you the reason for his imprisonment: "You bastard! It's not like I killed her. I just roughed her up a bit. Nothin' the healers can't fix." Upon inquiring how to free him, he will explain "Just unlock the door. A couple of hours after you're gone, it will be quiet again and I can sneak out." If you ask about Theranis, he will tell you that the Pale Lady took him. "You mean the thief? He was in the big cell with that Argonian. They were always whispering to each other. The Pale Lady took him days ago." Asking about this reveals that this "Pale Lady" takes prisoners from their cells regularly, "Every few days she comes for one of us. Some return, some don't. Those that are taken three times never return. This was Theranis's third time". When you ask where the Pale Lady takes the prisoners he will tell you that that he doesn't know, although when she took an argonian, he began bleeding all over the place. "I don't know. She took the Argonian less than an hour ago though. He put up quite a struggle. He was bleeding all over the place." Unlock his cell door and Larthjar will escape and return to the Имперский Город.

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  • Sometimes, upon entering the Arboretum, Larthjar will run after you saying he 'needs to lock up' and 'it's time to leave now'. Obviously he doesn't own the Imperial City , or the Arboretum, and he won't stop following you until you leave the Arboretum.