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Хьолфроди Гончая
Локация Shrine of Namira
Раса Норд Пол Женский
Уровень PC+1 Класс Воин
RefID 0001E70D BaseID 0001E70C
Дополнительная информация
Здоровье 50 + (6+3)x(PC+0), PC=4-14 Магия 75 + 1.5x(PC+0) (max=250)
Ответств. 50 Агрессия 5
Важный Until Namira's Daedric Shrine Quest is completed
Фракции Namira; DAGeneric
Hjolfrodi the Harrier

Hjolfrodi the Harrier is a Норд warrior who can be found worshipping at the shrine of Namira. If your Харизма is higher than 20, she will say that you are too attractive to speak with her matron Daedra.

She wears a monk's robe with a pair of clogs. In combat she will rely on one of two weapons; a leveled shortsword or iron dagger. She also carries a small sum of gold.

When you arrive at the Shrine, the two other unattractive worshippers, Blanche Mastien and Degil, will both point you to Hjolfrodi for further information: "Don't talk to me. Talk to the one in the robes." and "Talk to Hjolfrodi. I can't help you." When you speak to Hjolfrodi she says "Who are you? Why do you invade our place of worship? Surely, you don't think yourself worthy to visit Namira's shrine." If you ask her about Namira she will say "A place of blessed darkness. A holy place where we may worship in our wretchedness. Why are you here?" If you say, "I am just passing through." she will say "Then leave this place. Namira has no business with you." If you say "I wish to worship Namira.", two outcomes are possible, if you have a high personality she will say "You do? You are too pretty to worship in this place. People like you. Like to hear you talk. When you are more loathesome, you may return." Or if you have a low personality she will say "You do? Perhaps you should. You are repulsive, displeasing to the eye. Namira might find favor in you. Approach." If you speak to her again while you still have a high personality she will angrily say, "Why are you here? You are still too pleasing to speak with Namira. Begone."

If you speak to her again after managing to get your personality low enough after being rejected the first time she will say, slightly pleased, "Ahh... much better. You repulse me now, at least to a degree. Others should find you foul, disgusting. Namira may be pleased. Approach the shrine." When you have spoken to Namira, asking her about Anga will have her reply, "Hallowed ground, home of the Forgotten Ones. A deep hole of shadow and despair. A truly wondrous place."

Hjolfrodi the Harrier will never break her vigil of the shrine for anything, spending all of her time worshipping at the shrine.

Quests Given


  • Hjolfrodi was supposed to add a bit of information about the Forgotten Ones in Anga, but the dialogue can not be heard in-game: "Blessed are the Forgotten Ones, Chosen of Namira. In squalor they thrive, wallowing in filth, low and repulsive, darlings of Namira."