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Франсуа Мотьер
Город Chorrol
Дом Francois Motierre's House
Раса Бретон Пол Мужской
Уровень 10 Класс Commoner
RefID 000234D6, 0002C0C7 BaseID 000222B1, 0002C0C6
Дополнительная информация
Здоровье 200 Магия 105
Ответств. 20 Агрессия 5
Фракции Francois Motierre Quest; Chorrol Citizen
Francois Motierre

Francois Motierre is a Бретон commoner living in Chorrol who has evidently made some pretty powerful enemies. He has been targeted by assassins from some unknown underground group, and he hires the Темное братство to fake his death in order to escape from them.

Файл:OB-npc-Francois Motierre Dead.jpg
Francois Motierre is "Dead"

Before you have even committed your first murder, Francois will be found wandering around his house 24 hours a day, never eating nor sleeping. If you break in and approach him, he will mention somebody named Lachance and act like a coward: "You... You're not the one Lachance was talking about! Please... Please, don't kill me! You can take anything you like, then just leave!" If you approach him again, he will repeat: "Please, just take what you want and leave! I won't call the guards, I swear!"

Francois's attire consists of a quilted doublet, doeskin shoes and a pair of green silk garments. He also carries the key to his house and a small amount of gold.

When Dark Brotherhood contract-giver Vicente Valtieri hands you the contract for The Assassinated Man, he will explain that this assignment is a bit unusual: "You must go to the city of Chorrol and break into the house of Francois Motierre. Inside you will find Motierre waiting for you. Do not kill him! You see, Francois Motierre is a marked man. He owes a considerable sum to the wrong kind of people. So, they have sent an enforcer to kill him. Here. You will use this specially poisoned knife to stage Motierre's death, in the enforcer's presence. Motierre himself will provide more details. This is an unusual contract. Motierre had to make a special arrangement with us before it was approved. I trust in your professionalism." When asked about this “special arrangement” Vicente will describe Francois’ sacrifice in order to save his own skin: "The Dark Brotherhood is not in the business of staging deaths, no matter how much gold is offered. Sithis demands blood, and blood must be paid. In order to accept the contract, we demanded a life. Motierre offered his mother, and we accepted. Lucien has already taken care of that... detail."

In Chorrol, the concerned citizens have noticed the odd behavior of Francois: "Francois Motierre hasn't left his house in days. Hasn't come down to the tavern, refuses to have visitors. I think the man's gone batty." Once you have broken into Francois’ house, you will find the marked man wandering restlessly around his house, eagerly awaiting your arrival. When you enter, he will actively seek you out; "Oh! Well... um, hello. You must be the one Lucien Lachance told me about. I've been expecting you. We haven't got much time, I'm afraid. I borrowed quite a bit of gold from some underworld types. I... I missed a payment. Now they don't even want the money. They say I insulted them! They've sent an enforcer to kill me! His name is Hides-His-Heart, and he's on his way here now! That's why I hired you! So you can fake my death!" He will then break off and you can either choose to let him continue, or play hard; if you choose the latter, he will introduce his explanation with an apology: "Oh! Sorry! Please, I'm sorry!", but in both cases, he will explain what needs to be done: "Well, when Hides-His-Heart gets here, I'll put on a little act. You'll cut me with your poison knife, and that vile enforcer will think I'm dead. You must then flee from Chorrol, and Hides-His-Heart must not be killed! That way he can go back and tell his employers I'm dead. If you wait a day my "body" will be put on display in the Chorrol Chapel Undercroft. You can come to me then and administer the antidote. Got all that? Good! Hides-His-Heart will be here any moment. Get ready! Oh, I do hope this works..."

Seconds later, the Argonian enforcer will knock on the door and whisper: "Motierre! I know you're in there! My employers are most displeased. I'm coming in and you can beg for your life. Not that it will do any good! Ha ha!" He will eventually enter and be understandably confused by your presence, while Francois delivers a most unconvincing performance:

Motierre! I am here to exact payment, in blood! You will... eh? Who is this?
Oh no! What am I to do! An underworld enforcer and a Dark Brotherhood assassin, both here to kill poor Francois!
The Dark Brotherhood? Oh, you have been a naughty boy, Motierre, haven't you? Stand aside, assassin! Motierre is mine! My employers demand it!
*Gasp* What's this? Oh, Dark Brotherhood assassin, please don't cut me with that wicked blade! It looks like this is the end of poor Francois!
We'll see who gets to cut you, Motierre! Let me show you how a real killer operates, you Dark Brotherhood mongrel! Defend yourself!

It is now up to you to fight the Argonian and to stab Francois with the Languorwine-infected blade. When you do so, Francois will fall to the ground lifeless.

Later on, in the undercroft of the Chapel of Stendarr, you will find Francois dead, wearing nothing but tan robes. When you administer the antidote, he will wake up from his sleep and provide a bit of important information he left out earlier: "Ohhh... I'm a bit stiff, but quite fine otherwise. Ah yes, the Undercroft. My family members are buried here, you know. Which... um... leads me to something I may have failed to mention before. My ancestors will see my "revival" as a desecration of their tomb. This Undercroft is... well... quite cursed. Any desecration will cause my ancestors to rise from their graves and defend their resting place. I can hear them coming as we speak! You must protect me... escort me to the Gray [sic] Mare where I can buy passage out of Chorrol! *Gasp!* Here they come! Oh my, Aunt Margaret! You are looking the worse for wear..." Francois will then follow you until you have disposed of his family and entered The Grey Mare. He will then approach you and express his gratitude: "Ah, the Gray [sic] Mare! From here I will be able to arrange for transportation out of Cyrodiil! You have served me well, assassin. Francois is forever in your debt! Farewell!" If you approach him again, he will repeat: "Thanks again, assassin. Your services have been invaluable. Soon I will find passage out of Cyrodiil, and be rid of those moneylenders forever!" The next time you talk to Vicente Valtieri, Francois will have left Cyrodiil forever. Meanwhile, Chorrol citizens can be heard saying: "You won't believe what's happened! Francois Motierre has been killed! Murdered by the Dark Brotherhood! It's true, I saw the body myself." and "I heard the most disturbing rumor. Someone told me Francois Motierre has been murdered by the Dark Brotherhood! It's not... It's not true, is it?"

After completion of the Dark Brotherhood quest, entering his house in Chorrol is still not considered as trespassing and you are therefore free to use Motierre's bed on the third floor. The entrance features stairs to the second floor on both the east and west sides. Behind the east stairs a small area contains a table with a loaf of bread, a chest and a shelf with drawers that both hold clutter, and a cupboard with drinks. On the opposite side of this level behind the west stairs is the door to the basement in the southwest corner. Next to the door, on the west wall, a table is set with a bottle of Tamika's West Weald Wine and a тыква, along with a non-respawning grain sack. In the northwest corner, three crates and ten non-respawning sacks, along with two food barrels, lie amongst each other. A set of shelves holds six ears of corn, four heads of lettuce, three pumpkins, three breadloafs, and three cheese wedges. The two nearby wine racks hold a total of twenty bottles of Tamika's West Weald Wine, eighteen bottles of Surilie Brothers Wine, and fifteen bottles of cheap wine.

On the second floor, an alcove on the east wall holds a chest and a desk, both of which contain clutter. In the northeast corner, three sapphires sit on top of a display case; if the case is opened prior to picking up the gems, they will fall behind the case and may be difficult to retrieve. In the southeast corner, a silver dagger lies on a set of shelves. In the southwest corner, behind the stairs leading to the third floor, a chest and three sacks hold more clutter, while a smaller non-respawning jewelry box behind the chest may contain jewelry (possibly enchanted) and/or potions. A display case nearby holds a copy of Мистицизм.

At the top of the stairs to the third floor, a table is set with a piece of mutton and a redwort flower. The table in the southwest holds another bottle of Tamika's West Weald Wine and a bottle of Tamika Vintage 399. The table in the center holds a copy of The Brothers of Darkness, and the two drawers on either side of the south wall both contain clutter; a bottle of Cyrodilic brandy sits on one. On the north wall sits another clutter chest and a chest of drawers with clothing. In the southeast corner, two more clutter chests sit alongside a clothing cupboard and a set of shelves that holds a fine steel shortsword. In the floor lies a highwayman's shirt, a red velvet garment, green velvet shoes, and gold trimmed shoes. The double bed lies on the east wall, with a clutter chest nearby. In the northeast corner, two tables sit on either side of a chair; one holds only a cheese wheel, the other a bottle of ale and a bottle of mead.

On the first level of the basement, a bench in the southeast corner holds four ears of corn and two heads of lettuce. A food barrel lies beside an open-top barrel on the south wall, and a pumpkin sits on top of a clutter barrel near the doorway to the lower level. On the lower level a non-respawning chest that can contain armor and weapons sits next to the kegs. A bench holds a basket with five heads of lettuce, and a sixth lies on the floor. A non-respawning grain sack sits nearby, and the shelves hold a bowl with three onions. Two more non-respawning grain sacks sit in the northwest corner. In the southeast corner a table holds a loaf of bread, a cheese wedge, and an iron war axe. A non-respawning chest that can contain gold and jewelry lies in the southwest corner, with three pears scattered nearby. The four wine racks on this lower level hold a total of sixteen bottles of cheap wine, ten bottles of Surilie Brothers Vintage 399, nine bottles of ale, and seven bottles of Surilie Brothers Wine. The remaining containers in the basement (thirteen barrels, eight non-respawning sacks, seven crates, two chests, a shelf with drawers, a cupboard, and a covered bowl) all hold contain clutter.

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  • There are actually two different versions of Francois. The provided statistics are for the version you meet originally in his house (RefID 000234D6, BaseID 000222B1). The second version (RefID 0002C0C7, BaseID 0002C0C6) is the one found in the chapel undercroft and he seems to have suffered from the experience: his health is only 106, not 200. Also his responsibility is 80.
  • It is possible that Francois is related to Амон Мотьер, a man who is encountered in the Dark Brotherhood questline in Skyrim.