Oblivion:Император Уриэль Септим

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Император Уриэль Септим
Локация Канализация Имперской тюрьмы
Раса Имперец Пол Мужской
Уровень 1 Класс Noble
RefID 00032A18 BaseID 00023F2E
Дополнительная информация
Здоровье 1000 Магия 0
Respons. 100 Агрессия 0
Важный До Обучение (Scripted Death)
Фракции Emperor faction, for Uriel and Martin
Император Уриэль Септим

Император Уриэль Септим VII (ориг.Emperor Uriel Septim VII) (3E 346 - 3E 433; правили 3E 368 - 3E 433) был сыном Пелагиуса IV и двадцать первым императорoм династии Септимов. Он играет важную роль в четырех играх серии Древние свитки - Арена, Даггерфол, Morrowind и Oblivion - которые в совокупности охватывают последние сорок четыре года его 65-летнего правления.

Обливион открывается в самом конце царствования Уриэля Септима, вскоре после тройного убийства его взрослых сыновей Гелдола, Энмана и Эбеля. Будучи предупреждённым его советниками уйти в подполье, он пытается бежать из Имперского Города через тайный подземный туннель, который проходит через тюремную камеру вашего персонажа. Во время встречи с вашим персонажем, Уриэль предложит вам присоединиться к его окружению и попросит вас найти его незаконнорожденного сына, а после нахождения, привести его во дворец и там короновать его императором. Он также даст вашему персонажу Амулет Королей, который должны носить всегда один из членов родословной Септимов и таким образом создавать барьер между Тамриэлем и Обливионом.

Вскоре Уриэль Септим VII будет убит группой ассасинов, даэдропоклоняющихся культу Мифический Рассвет. Вскоре после его смерти, порталы в Обливион станут появляться по всему Сиродиилу и силы Даэдрического принца Мехрунса Дагона вторгнуться в Тамриэль.

Император Уриэль Септим, при встрече с вами, будет носить Мантию императора, с парой туфель и соответственно Амулет Королей. При себе он имеет Серебряный короткий меч и запасную пару туфель.

Уриэля Септима VII в игре озвучивает ветеран актер Патрик Хьюз Стюарт.

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At the start of the game
"I was born 87 years ago. For 65 years I've ruled as Tamriel's Emperor. But for all these years I have never been the ruler of my own dreams. I have seen the Gates of Oblivion, beyond which no waking eye may see. Behold, in Darkness a Doom sweeps the land. This is the 27th of Last Seed; the Year of Akatosh 433. These are the closing days of the 3rd Era, and the final hours of my life."
When he and his Blades are outside your cell
Uriel: "My sons...they're dead, aren't they?"
Renault: "We don't know that, Sire. The messenger only said they were attacked."
Uriel: "No, they're dead. I know it"
Renault: "My job right now is to get you to safety."
Uriel: "I know this place ... the prison?"
Renault: "Yes, your Majesty. Beneath the Legion Compound. We're headed for a secret passage known only to the Blades. No one can follow us through here."
When he first meets the player
Uriel: "You ... I've seen you...(goes into conversation mode) Let me see your face... You are the one from my dreams... Then the stars were right, and this is the day. Gods give me strength."
Player: "What's going on?"
Uriel: "Assassins attacked my sons, and I'm next. My Blades are leading me out of the city along a secret escape route. By chance, the entrance to that escape route leads through your cell."
Player: "Why am I in jail? *
Uriel: "Perhaps the Gods have placed you here so that we may meet. As for what you have done... it does not matter. That is not what you will be remembered for."
Player: "Who are you?" *
Uriel: "I am your emperor, Uriel Septim. By the grace of the Gods, I serve Tamriel as her ruler. You are a citizen of Tamriel, and you, too, shall serve her in your own way."
*These two questions can be asked in any order.
Player: "What should I do?"
Uriel: "You will find your own path. Take care... there will be blood and death before the end."
Player: "I go my own way"
Uriel: "So do we all. But what path can be avoided whose end is fixed by the almighty Gods?
When Captain Renault dies
Baurus: "Are you all right, Sire? We're clear for now.
Uriel: "Captain Renault?"
Baurus: "She's dead. I'm sorry, Sire, but we have to keep moving.
Before you split up
Here you must find your own path. But we will cross paths before the end, I am sure of it.
If you wait before dropping down to meet the group again
Baurus: "I think that was all of them. Let me take a look around."
Uriel: "Have you seen the prisoner?"
Baurus: "Do you think he/she followed us? How could he/she?"
Uriel: "I know he/she did"
Glenroy: "Sire, we have to go now." / "Your Majesty, we need to keep moving." / "Please, sire. We can't stay here. We have to go." *
Uriel: "Not yet. Let me rest a moment longer."
*Glenroy will cycle through these, with Uriel giving the same answer.
Once you are reunited
Glenroy: "Dammit, it's that prisoner again! Kill him/her, he/she might be working with the assassins."
Uriel: "No. He/she is not one of them. He/she can help us.He/she must help us."
Glenroy: "As you wish, Sire"
Uriel: (If player is not close enough for him to enter conversation) "Come closer. I'd prefer not to have to shout." If you ignore him, he'll say "I need your help. Please come with us." If you ignore him further, he'll add "Don't be afraid. My guardians will not harm you."
Choosing your birthsign
Uriel: "They cannot understand why I trust you. They've not seen what I've seen. How can I explain? Listen. You know the Nine? How They guide our fates with an invisible hand?"
Player: "The Nine guide and protect us./I'm not on good terms with the Gods./I don't know. I don't think about it."
Uriel: "I've served the Nine all my days, and I chart my course by the cycles of the heavens. The skies are marked with numberless sparks, each a fire, and every one a sign. I know these stars well, and I wonder... which sign marked your birth? (After Player picks Birthsign) The signs I read show the end of my path. My death, a necessary end, will come when it will come."
Player: "What about me?
Uriel: "Your stars are not mine. (Dialogue differs depending on which birthsign you picked.)"
Player: "Can you see my fate? *
Uriel: "My dreams grant me no opinions of success. Their compass ventures not beyond the doors of death. But in your face, I behold the sun's companion. The dawn of Akatosh's bright glory may banish the coming darkness. With such hope, and with the promise of your aid, my heart must be satisfied."
Player: "Aren't you afraid to die?" *
Uriel: "No trophies of my triumphs precede me. But I have lived well, and my ghost shall rest easy. Men are but flesh and blood. They know their doom,but not the hour. In this I am blessed to see the hour of my death... To face my apportioned fate, then fall."
*These two questions can be asked in any order.
Player: "Where are we going?"
Uriel: "I go to my grave. A tongue shriller than all the music calls me. You shall follow me yet for a while, then we must part."
The final speech
There are two speeches: A brief version and a longer version. The brief version is:
"I can go no further. You alone must stand against the Prince of Destruction and his mortal servants. He must not have the Amulet of Kings!
Take the Amulet. Give it to Jauffre. He alone knows where to find my last son.
Find him, and close shut the jaws of Oblivion."
The longer version is not normally used, however, it can be heard by saving immediately before the Emperor initiates his final conversation with you and then reloading from that save. The timing can be difficult--you may need to save several times while the Emperor is walking towards you. It has also been known to randomly occur. It says:
My guards are strong and true, but even the might of the Blades cannot stand against the Power that rises to destroy us. The Prince of Destruction awakes, born anew in blood and fire. These cutthroats are but his mortal pawns.
Take my Amulet. Give it to Jauffre. I have a secret son, and Jauffre alone knows where to find him.
Find the last of my blood, and close shut the marble jaws of Oblivion.
There are then two dialogue options:
Topic Uriel's Response
"Your Amulet? Then this is 'Goodbye'?" "This is where my journey ends. For you though, the road is long and dangerous. Now, give me your hand."
"What Amulet?" "The Amulet of Kings. It is the Empire's sacred emblem of rulership. It must pass to the last of the Dragon's Blood. Keep it safe from the pawns of the Destroyer."
If you choose "What Amulet?", the following dialogue will occur.
Topic Uriel's Response
"So, this is it?" "For me, it ends here. You are our only hope to stem the blood tide. Give me your hand."
Regardless of your previous selection in dialogue, the following three options will end the conversation.
Topic Uriel's Response
"With all my heart... farewell..." "Stand true, my friend. May your heart be your guide and the gods grant you strength."
"I won't forget you..." "Remember me, and remember my words. This burden is now yours alone. You hold our future in your hands."
"I'll take it from here..." "Then go. Take with you my blessings and the hope of the empire."
When struck by player
"This can only lead to your death. My guardians are sworn to protect me.
"Your destiny calls you down a different road. Please, help us."
"Who now can save us from the coming darkness?" (Only when struck over four times, and the group will turn hostile.)
Other dialogue
"This is only the beginning. Worse is yet to come." - When the Assassins first attack.
"There's trouble ahead." - When talked to while walking
"Come with us. Your destiny is bound up with mine, and with the fate of Tamriel itself." - When talked to after rejoining him.


  • The line "A tongue shriller than all the music calls me" is an allusion to Act 1, Scene 2 of Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, when Caesar remarks "I hear a tongue shriller than all the music ...". Patrick Stewart, who voices the Emperor, is a well-known Shakespearean actor.
  • It is possible he will use a normal Imperial voice if you yield to him after combat.