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Город Имперский Город
Talos Plaza District
Дом Dorian's House
Раса Редгард Пол Мужской
Уровень 4 Класс Commoner
RefID 00022BC7 BaseID 0001FDD3
Дополнительная информация
Здоровье 62 Магия 85
Ответств. 50 Агрессия 5
Фракции IC Citizens

Dorian is a Редгард commoner who lives in the east-western housing complex of the Имперский Город's Talos Plaza District.

His day begins at 6am when he wakes up in the Private Quarters of his house. He takes breakfast for two hours until 8am and then spends the rest of the day wandering around his mansion before heading back to bed again at 10pm.

Dorian lives in a typical upper-middle class house. The front door enters into the moderately sized lounge area of the two-roomed ground floor. Two clutter barrels sit beside a silverware shelf on the northern wall with three clutter sacks and a tableware shelf adorning the area adjacent to the front door, on the eastern wall. A pantry stands against wall the separates the lounge with the dining area. The lounge area has two cheese wedges upon a ceramic plate, an alcohol cupboard in the corner with two clutter sacks and a chest resting in the same corner. A wine rack sits in the far corner with six bottles of Tamika's West Weald wine, six bottles of the Surilie Brothers wine and two bottles of cheap wine. Some silver goblets sit on a shelf beneath. The second room on the ground floor is sparsely populated by a dining area and storage. Upon the dining table, three hams, an яблоко and a loaf of bread rest upon silver tableware, with three bottles of mead to wash the meal down. A pantry with three bottles of Surilie Brothers wine, two bottles of cheap wine and a single bottle of Tamika's West Weald wine atop it stands next to a clutter chest. Two storage barrels stand in the northeastern corner with another sack while a chest and three clutter sacks sit in the southeastern corner.

The private quarters are also quite spacious. Like the ground floor, the private quarters are split into two rooms, with the first serving as a study and the second as Dorian's bedroom. In the study a large tableware-shelving unit has a mixture of silver and ceramic items upon it. A smaller shelving unit in the corner, amongst a clutter sack and chest, houses more ceramic ware. Upon the bureau a copy of Gods and Worship rest near a bottle of Tamika's West Weald wine and a silver tankard to drink it out of. Another bottle of wine, this time Surilie Brothers, can be found upon the table in the northeastern corner with a cheese wedge and a handful of flax seeds, there is a chance more wine will appear in the alcohol cupboard, failing that two bottles of cheap wine and another bottle of Tamika's West Weald can be found. A small area of the study is dedicated to storage, with two chests, a barrel and some sacks appear near the alcove behind the stairs. Going through the door in the northern wall will lead into Dorian's bedroom area. A locked jewelry box rest upon a chest of drawers to the right as well as a pair of blue suede shoes and gold trimmed shoes and another chest of drawers with a red velvet outfit upon. The left-hand side has a bookshelf, a wardrobe and a locked chest containing minor loot, laced with more clutter sacks.

Dorian uses his basement for storage, like so many others in Cyrodiil. Going down the steps, two clutter sacks and a clutter chest lead to two food storage barrels. Six storage crates, five barrels and two chests scattered around the large basement serve for more storage spaces with a sack of rice and one of flour hide amongst some crates.

Dorian wears a color-clashing assortment of upper-class clothing. His outfit consists of a green brocade doublet, red velvet garment, and a pair of blue suede shoes. He carries the key to his house, as well as a large amount of gold.

He is also somewhat rude, tending to greet people with "I don't believe I know you. And I don't need any new friends, thank you very much." When asked about the city, he will tell you that: "There are many people in the city who interest me, and you are not one of them."


  • You can exploit the infinite money glitch by paralyzing Dorian and pickpocketing him. Although this original glitch has been fixed with the v.1.1.511 patch, there is a post-patch version.