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Бетто Плотиус
Город Leyawiin
Дом Betto Plotius' House
Раса Имперец Пол Мужской
Уровень 4 Класс Commoner
RefID 00035997 BaseID 00034E89
Дополнительная информация
Здоровье 53 Магия 110
Ответств. 50 Агрессия 5
Фракции Leyawiin; Plotius Family
Betto Plotius

Betto Plotius is an Имперец commoner living in Leyawiin with his wife Julitta. They both share an almost racist pride in being Imperials and would be perfectly happy to see all the Argonians and Каджит run out of town.

Every morning at 6am, they'll get out of bed and spend the next four hours in the house before leaving for a two hour breakfast at the Five Claws Lodge. At midday, they both take a stroll near the House for Sale before going their separate ways at 2pm. Betto keeps wandering the area until 6pm, where he returns to the house for dinner. Once done, he takes an evening walk to the towns popular gathering spot at the bottom of the stairway leading to the Blackwood Company hall. After two hours, he heads home to his wife and bed, this time picking a different route, getting his feet wet in the city pond on the way. If it's raining outside, he will skip all of his outdoor activities and head back to the house. The exception to this schedule occurs once the Drunk and Disorderly quest is initiated. To avoid the drunken, restless Гильдия Бойцов members terrorizing the Five Claws Lodge, Betto and Julitta will skip their 10am breakfast and stay in the house.

His choice of clothing is a standard lower class affair: oiled linen shoes, sack cloth pants, and a shirt with suspenders. He carries his house key and a small amount of gold.

They live in the eastern part of town, in the first house on the left when you enter from the northeastern gate and next door to Otumeel's house. Two grain sacks sit in the entryway. In the main room beyond, a cupboard holds food in the northwest corner and four ears of corn sit on top. A basket in the floor holds twelve tomatoes, and the shelves hold two heads of lettuce. In the southwest corner, three barrels hold clutter in two and food in the third, and the nearby table is set with an яблоко, a loaf of bread, two carrots, a cheese wedge, four potatoes, and two radishes. Two chests, two crates, and a chest of drawers sit in the southeast corner; the flat-top chest holds armor and/or weapons, and the rest of the containers hold clutter. In the northeast corner a table holds a тыква, and the shelves beside it hold three more as well as a watermelon and two more heads of lettuce. Another clutter sack sits in this corner.

The doorway in the northeast of the room leads to a small bedroom with two beds. The chest on the south wall, the chest of drawers on the north wall between the beds, and the cupboard in the southwest corner all hold clutter. A small chest beside the chest of drawers can contain gold and jewelry. Fishing waders sit on top of the chest of drawers, and a belted vest sits on the cupboard. The small chest in the bedroom, the armor/weapons chest in the main room, and the three sacks are the only containers in the house that do not respawn.

When you approach him, he will introduce himself and grieve for a moment: "Betto Plotius. I'm a faithful servant of Leyawiin and the Emperor... Gods rest his soul." When you ask him about Leyawiin, he will share a few of his controversial opinions: "I've lived in Leyawiin all my life, and I must say, the Count has found himself a pretty little bride...and a smart one, too. We need some law-and-order... bring in the Legions. 'Leyawiin for the Imperials,' I say. No sense coddling those Renrijra Krin bandits."