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Астиния Атиус
Город Имперский Город, Talos Plaza District
Дом Astinia Atius' House
Раса Имперец Пол Женский
Уровень 4 Класс Commoner
RefID 0001FDD6 BaseID 0001FDD1
Дополнительная информация
Здоровье 53 Магия 110
Ответств. 50 Агрессия 5
Фракции Eight Cities Couriers Customers; Atius Family; IC Citizens
Astinia Atius

Astinia Atius, an Имперец commoner, lives in the Talos Plaza District of the Имперский Город. Astinia's family, the Atius clan, is in a dispute with the Sintav clan, but Astinia wants nothing to do with it. Her brother Helvo Atius has had a dispute with Cyronin Sintav, that has caused bad blood betwen the Sintav and Atius clans.

Astinia wakes up at 6am to eat on her main floor for two hours. On weekdays, she then heads to the Market District to wander until midday. At midday she goes to the Feed Bag to eat lunch for two hours. After this, on Morndas and Middas she heads to the Arboretum for three hours before heading home. On Fredas, rather than go to the Arboretum, she goes to the Temple of the One to worship for four hours before heading home. On Tirdas and Turdas she heads home right after lunch, and on the weekends she doesn't even make it out the door. She goes to bed at midnight every night. Astinia was also intended to play a role in the unfinished "Imperial Couriers" quest; at midday on the 11th of each month, as long as Emfrid is still alive, she will head to the Вороной Курьер and stay there for a brief moment before she resumes her usual schedule.

Astinia wears a middle-class outfit consisting of a russet felt outfit, tan linens, and a pair of pigskin shoes. She carries a spare pair of tan linens, the key to her house, as well as a small amount of gold.

Astinia's house has not much of note within. Both the main floor and her private quarters have only the usual clutter, food and clothing. The only interesting item in the entire house is a copy of History of Lock Picking, on the floor near the back wall of the basement next to some crates.

The first time you approach Astinia, and 20% of the time thereafter, she will greet you with, "Astinia Atius. I want no part of the Sintav-Atius squabbles. I mind my own business." When asked about the Imperial City, she will tell you, "I'm fed up with the senseless feuding, blood spilled for no good reason. Glad the Watch put a stop to it."