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Алвал Увани
Город Leyawiin
Дом Alval Uvani's House
Раса Данмер Пол Мужской
Уровень 15 Класс Боевой маг
RefID 000359C4 BaseID 00030196
Дополнительная информация
Здоровье 85 Магия 70
Ответств. 30 Агрессия 5
Фракции [see notes] IC Citizens; Chorrol Citizen; Cheydinhal Citizens; Skingrad Citizen; Bruma Citizens; Bravil Citizens; Anvil Citizen; The I Hate the Player Faction!; Leyawiin
Alval Uvani

Alval Uvani is an extremely arrogant Данмер battlemage, strong in the arts of Разрушение magic. He travels around Cyrodiil each week, earning his keep as a "trader".

Uvani's attire comprises of a burgundy linen shirt, burgundy linens and a pair of thick cowhide shoes. He carries his house key, a decent amount of gold, and wields a leveled dagger, which will bear a harmful enchantment at higher levels.

If you attempt to engage him in conversation, he will refuse to speak to you, saying "I have no time for your pathetic attempts at small talk. Now walk away, before I get... nasty." If you walk up to him without engaging him in conversation he will warn you against approaching him further, saying "You get any closer and I'll turn your bones to ash. Back off." If you successfully paralyze him, he'll spit out "No! You filthy guttersnipe! You won't get away with this! By Sithis, if I could only move my arms, I'd rip that smile right off your face!" This largely hints that he is involved in the Brotherhood.

Alval lives in the southeastern part of Leyawiin next to Mahei and Numeen. In the hall leading to his dining room, there's a locked chest containing some silverware and a small amount of gold. The small storage area as you enter the dining room has a locked weapons chest, a wine cabinet and a food pantry. His dining room is typical of that of an upper-class citizen - silverware on the table and in food preparation areas. On the shelves next to his pantry there is an array of books—notably a copy of The Wolf Queen, v 8 and a weak poison of the fool. On the main bookshelf, there are a variety of books and a novice calcinator. The basement holds little of note, mainly the iron war axe on the table and the locked chest hidden behind some storage crates containing some silverware and a small amount of gold. The rest of the basement contains storage crates. Upon entering the second floor of his home, you will notice a table with three bread loaves to your left and a wardrobe in front of you with a burgundy linen shirt on top of it. On entering his bedroom, there are three silver arrows on a table next to an iron bow. On the chest of drawers next to his bed is a pair of red velvet garments. Above his bed is a hidden wall safe that contains evidence that Alval is a speaker of the Темное братство's Black Hand faction.

Alval has an arsenal of three leveled spells, one from the Mysticism school, one from the Restoration school, and one from the Destruction school. Additionally, his Black Hand ability gives him a decent resistance to both magical and normal attacks.

Alval's Schedule

As he travels around Cyrodiil, Alval Uvani can be found at the following locations, on the following days:

Morndas/Tirdas -- Бравил -- The Lonely Suitor Lodge

Middas/Turdas -- Скинград -- West Weald Inn

Fredas/Loredas -- Брума -- Olav's Tap and Tack

Sundas -- Leyawiin -- Alval Uvani's House

Keep in mind that there may be some variation based on the time it takes for him to get to the different cities.

Связанные квесты


  • In the game, it is stated that Alval is a Speaker or Silencer in the Dark Brotherhood's Black Hand, although the robes in his house seem to point to the former. However, in the construction set, Alval is not listed as belonging to any Dark Brotherhood-related factions. And killing Alval before the player receives The Purification quest will not cause you to be expelled from the Dark Brotherhood or invoke Sithis' wrath. In fact, you can even kill him in order to join the Dark Brotherhood! The information listed in the summary box is the construction set faction, because this is the information that controls the NPC's disposition, dialogues, and responses to scripts; see Фракции for details.
  • Uvani belongs to the citizen factions of the Imperial City, Chorrol, Anvil and Cheydinhal, despite the fact that he can never be found in those locations.
  • In the construction set, one can see what looks like a script rendering Alval paralyzed when Boar Meat is added to his inventory. However, this script does not work, and boar meat is not zero-weight and therefore cannot be reverse-pickpocketed onto Alval anyway.
  • He tends to get killed when out traveling.