Oblivion:Люсиана Галена

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Люсиана Галена
Город Бравил
Дом Luciana Galena's House
Раса Бретон Пол Женский
Уровень 12 Класс Thieves Guild Fence
RefID 0000A130 BaseID 0000A10A

Доступно 24 hrs/day every day
Обучает Учитель в навыке: Light Armor (Advanced)    Light Armor, Advanced
Золото 1000 Торговля Эксперт (80)
Продажа Miscellaneous Items
Покупка Fence    Weapons, Armor, Clothing, Books, Ingredients, Potions, Lights, Apparatus, Misc., Magic Items
Дополнительная информация
Здоровье 90 Магия 217
Ответств. 25 Агрессия 6
Фракции Fences; Bravil; Thieves Guild(Cat Burglar); Bravil - Lonely Suitor Lodge

Luciana Galena is a very flirtatious Бретон Гильдия воров fence in Бравил. If you have bought the House For Sale in Bravil, she will be your neighbor living above you. She is also an advanced тренер in Легкие доспехи. Because Luciana is a fence, her barter services are only available after you have joined the guild and been promoted to the rank of Cat Burglar (by completing the quest Misdirection).

Luciana wears a set of lower class clothing: a coarse linen shirt, coarse linens and a pair of clogs. She is armed with a fine steel war axe and carries her key and a small amount of gold.

In Bravil, word on the street has it that Luciana is quite antisocial and barricades herself in her house all day long. The townsfolk are obviously wrong as Luciana spends a considerable amount of time away from home and even helps out at the Lonely Suitor Lodge. She wakes up every day at 8am and spends her morning strolling around inside her house. At midday she leaves and enters the lodge for a two-hour lunch. At 2pm she positions herself behind the bar where she will stay for a whopping twelve hours, helping out innkeeper Bogrum Gro-Galash and socializing with the regulars. She heads back to her house and finds her bed at 2am. Both training and bartering services are available 24 hours a day, but Luciana will take precautions and deny you any illegal activities while she is outside.

Luciana's house is on Bravil's southwestern island, adjacent to the Bravil House for Sale. In the single room house, a dining area in the northeast corner holds a table with four potatoes, two carrots, an яблоко, a cheese wedge, a loaf of bread, and a radish. In the southeast corner, a room divider creates a sleeping area that holds her single bed, a clutter cupboard that has a belted vest on top, a chest of drawers with the same contents and fishing waders on top, and a pair of braided leather sandals on the floor. A locked chest that can contain gold and/or jewelry sits behind the bed. An armor/weapons chest sits on the south wall next to the room divider. A bookshelf in the southwest corner holds three pumpkins, two heads of lettuce, and a watermelon. A clutter sack sits beside it. A bookshelf on the west wall holds a lectern that contains clutter, and a bookshelf in the northwest corner holds a clutter crate and a clutter sack. Two grain sacks sit between the bookshelves, and three clutter barrels sits on the north wall beside the door. The gold/jewelry chest, the armor/weapons chest, and the sacks are the only containers in the house that do not respawn.

Galena has a very flirtatious nature. The first time you meet her she will announce "Hello, stranger. Luciana Galena. I'm Bravil's Advanced Trainer for the Light Armor discipline." but after that she asks "Is this pleasure or business?" instead. The flirting is most obvious when trading. Her responses include "You are one hot customer!", "So what's hot today?", "See anything else you're interested in?", "I do think I'm being taken advantage of,"and "Let's just keep this affair between the two of us." When asked about Bravil, she will tell you about her fellow trainers: "Other Bravil trainers? City-Swimmer teaches Sneak. Dro'shanji teaches Security. Varon Vamori teaches Красноречие." As an advanced trainer in Light Armor, Luciana is one of two people who can point you in the direction of master trainer J'bari for further training. Once your light armor skill reaches 70, speak to her about training and she will say: "Head to Leyawiin, and find J'bari. He's the one you want to talk to about Light Armor training."

Around town, people comment on how much time she spends in her home, which is odd considering how often she is to be found at The Lonely Suitor Lodge. They will say "Have you ever met Luciana Galena?", "Is something wrong with Luciana Galena? She rarely leaves home."and "She tends to keep to herself, that's for sure. That's too bad." Others will mention her training skills: "She doesn't leave home much, but apparently Luciana Galena has a lot of experience fighting in light armor. and "I hear she's a very private person. I also heard she knows a lot about using light armor." The other rumors about her come from the Thieves Guild doyens, S'Krivva and Armand Christophe, who will tell you that "Luciana lives in Bravil. She is a decent fence. Better than Ongar and Dar Jee at least."

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