Oblivion:Клаудиус Аркадиа

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Клаудиус Аркадиа
Город Имперский Город, Prison District
Дом The Bastion
Раса Имперец Пол Мужской
Уровень 4 Класс Commoner
RefID 00071D4C BaseID 00071D4B
Дополнительная информация
Здоровье 53 Магия 110
Ответств. 0 Агрессия 5
Фракции Claudius Arcadia's
Claudius Arcadia

Claudius Arcadia is an Имперец commoner, currently incarcerated in the Imperial City's prisons who was imprisoned for conducting the Black Sacrament, and arranging the assassination of Rufio through the Темное братство. His house in the Talos Plaza District of the Имперский Город has been seized by the Imperial Guard because of Claudius' incarceration and is currently being used as an Imperial Legion outpost; a respawning Imperial Watchman is permanently stationed there. Claudius never leaves his prison cell in-game. He wears only a sack cloth shirt and pants.

Based on vague comments in Claudius' journal and by Rufio, it seems Rufio killed an unknown female possibly connected with Claudius during an encounter in which she struggled, despite Rufio urging her to stay still; this suggests, at the very least, that Rufio was not just an innocent old man and that Claudius was unable to kill him personally. Talking to Claudius in his prison cell supports this: "So I wanted somebody murdered! So I prayed to the Night Mother! What, is that a crime now? They even took my house, those bastards! Agghhh!"

Claudius's house is located on the lower western wall of the Talos Plaza District. Upon entering his house, sitting upon the bookshelf to the right is a common selection of books featuring volumes 1-5 of The Real Barenziah and other reference books. The kitchen area of the first floor holds many foodstuffs. Two watermelons and a pumpkin sit on the floor next to a food pantry and two barrels also containing food. On top of the pantry are two bottles of cheap wine with a further two on the food preparation table next to two venison steaks. A clutter sack and a rice sack sit at the feet of the preparation bench. On the dining table two potatoes, two mutton steaks and nine radishes sit upon four clay plates adorned by silver cutlery as well as two bottles of beer and two clay cups to drink from. Another food barrel stands opposite the basement door.

Other than the remains of the Темное братство ritual little of interest is in the basement other than the standard clutter containers. Going down the stairs there is a chest with another opposite the ritual site, nestled amongst four barrels and 2 sacks. The ritual spot has a skull, a human heart set upon human skin, two bones and an iron dagger all of which are in-between four candles and sit upon blood soaked stones. Five crates and two barrels make a wall around the the ritual with another two barrels behind the crate wall.

The upstairs serves as the bedroom of the Imperial watchmen and an art studio. The bureaux to the right of the door when entering the upstairs, has a copy of Frontier Conquest and a bottle of beer. In the alcove behind the stairwell is a storage area of two barrels, three crates and two sacks. The bookshelf in the art studio is home to four folded cloths, a novice's alembic and retort, some paint brushes and three reference books. The bedroom on the top floor is the main area of interest in Claudius's house. Immediately in front of you when entering the bedroom section, a hard locked chest holds Claudius's journal. A wine rack holds fifteen bottles of cheap wine with another two on the table with silverware and nine blackberries. In between the bed and the wall are a clothing wardrobe and a clutter barrel.


  • The only person with a copy of Claudius Arcadia's House Key is Adamus Phillida. You can easily obtain the key during the Permanent Retirement quest. Adamus presumably has the key because of his involvement with hunting down the Dark Brotherhood.
  • Even though Claudius can be heard protesting his imprisonment from his cell, he will not make any attempt to escape, even if the player kills the guards present and opens the cell door. If removed from his cell, he will make every attempt to get back in.