Oblivion:Капитан Гепард Монтроз

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Капитан Гепард Монтроз
Локация The Sanctum
Раса Бретон Пол Мужской
Уровень 10 Класс Dark04 Prison Guard
RefID 00095333 BaseID 00095331
Дополнительная информация
Здоровье 117 Магия 187
Ответств. 100 Агрессия 60
Появляется вновь Yes
Фракции IC Citizens; Imperial Legion
Captain Gepard Montrose

Captain Gepard Montrose is a Бретон guard, and head of the Imperial Prison Guard. He can be found in the Imperial City Prisons; his office is in the room where Emperor Uriel Septim VII died. You can visit his office during the quest Scheduled for Execution and see what (little) progress the guards are making on investigating the assassination.

For someone tasked with an investigation, he is not very active, and just sits in his chair the entire time in front of his desk, apparently studying the sandals and the robe placed upon it.

Unlike his fellow Captains, he wears a near complete set of normal Legion armor, consisting of a cuirass, greaves, boots and gauntlets. His preferred weapon is a silver longsword. He carries the prison key, the key to Valen Dreth's cell and a small amount of gold.

Montrose seems to have been promoted only recently. Two guards can be overheard discussing their boring schedule and one will comment "That's exactly what I'm saying! But will the Captain listen? Noooo... 'We must have a presence!' 'The prison must remain secure!'" and "Yeah, well, I guess you can't blame Captain Montrose too much. This is his big career move, after all. Got to impress that lot upstairs."


  • Captain Montrose's notes into the assassination investigation can be read here.
  • Although it may not appear so, Montrose is present in the game from the start. The prison you visit during the quest Scheduled for Execution is a different copy to the one from which you escape in the Tutorial. Also note that if you are 100% chameleon and have a bounty over your head, he will not care, even if you are doing the Schedueled for Excecution quest. He will treat you like any Imperial guard would if you are a law-abiding citezen (which you most likely aren't if you are doing the Schedueled for Excecution quest).