Oblivion:Истирус Бролус

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Истирус Бролус
Город Брума
Дом Istrius [sic] Brolus' House
Раса Бретон Пол Мужской
Уровень 4 Класс Rogue
RefID 00036283 BaseID 00035EC8
Дополнительная информация
Здоровье 45 Магия 185
Ответств. 50 Агрессия 5
Фракции Brolus family in Bruma; Bruma Citizens
Istirus Brolus in Bruma

Istirus Brolus is a Бретон rogue living with his wife Jantus in Брума.

Despite his adventurous youth, his daily routine is a very simple one. Istirus will start everyday at 6am by strolling around his house for the first three hours of the day, occasionally chatting with his wife Jantus. At 9am he will head outside where he will spend most of the day strolling around near the chapel and talking to the other townsfolk of Bruma. He will only take a brief break at 4pm, when he will instead head to Olav's Tap and Tack to have a two-hour meal. Once the sun has faded, Istirus will return to his house at 9pm to have his dinner during two hours in the company of his wife. After he has finished eating he will take one last walk around his house, until he finally goes to bed at 12am. The only exception to this schedule is during the Defense of Bruma, when he will cheer on Martin Septim as he makes his way out of the city gates to the battlefield.

Istirus' garment consists of a full set of common lower-class clothing, including a burlap vest shirt combined with a pair of green felt linens and stitched leather shoes. He also carries with him the key to his house and a small amount of gold. He knows a set of rogue spells.

His wife Jantus will offer more insight into the couple's past, and will inform the player that "Istirus and I used to be adventurers, but we've retired here. Bruma is far from civilization, but we're ready for a little peace and quiet."

His house can be found between Bradon Lirrian's house and Jearl's house, and is a lower-class Bruma shack. Most of the barrels and the only cupboard in the main room of his house can hold a few pieces of food. On the small shelf nearby the book Brief History of the Empire, v 1 can be found, as well the volumes two, three and four and also the book Report: Disaster at Ionith. The drawers nearby can spawn a few pieces of cheap, random clothing and on top of them, a copy of Manual of Arms has been placed. The locked chest in this room holds a few pieces of random clutter, but the chest in the basement has a chance of holding some low-level weaponry. Also, the two barrels on the left can hold more pieces of food while the two barrels left can only hold clutter.