Oblivion:Дранара Телис

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Дранара Телис
Локация Harlun's Watch
Дом Drarana Thelis' House
Раса Данмер Пол Женский
Уровень PC+2 Класс Healer
RefID 000B6C02 BaseID 0000BEA7
Дополнительная информация
Здоровье 35 + (3+0.6)x(PC+1), PC=3-99 Магия 100 + 3.5x(PC+1) (max=250)
Ответств. 50 Агрессия 5
Важный Until Mystery at Harlun's Watch is completed
Фракции Harluns Watch
Drarana Thelis

Drarana Thelis is a Данмер healer living in the town of Harlun's Watch. Drarana will request your assistance in investigating the disappearance of some of her townfolk during the related quest.

Much like her fellow townsfolk, she leads a pretty simple and uncomplicated life, preferably out in the open. She gets out of bed early every morning at 4am, and spends the entire day wandering around town, occasionally talking with her neighbors. She goes back inside her house at 8pm for a two hour dinner before heading to bed at 10pm.

She wears a middle class attire consisting of a burgundy linen shirt, burgundy linens and a pair of thick cowhide shoes. Her only other possession is a small amount of gold. She doesn't carry any weapons, relying instead on a series of leveled spells from all of the magical schools but Мистицизм.

Drarana might just own the emptiest house in all of Cyrodiil, as there is virtually nothing to be found inside. Even though the house is three stories high, there is not a single item to be found and hardly any furniture. A couple of chairs and a table on the lower floor and, upstairs, a couple of beds and nothing else. The spare bed suggests that Drarana might have lived with somebody, and might explain why she's so eager to find out what happened up in Swampy Cave.

When Burz gro-Khash gives you the assignment, he mentions something about 'strange lights', an occurrence Drarana is more than willing to talk about: "Hello. You’re from the Fighters Guild, I presume. It’s good you’ve arrived. We need your help with some disappearances. Some folks reported seeing strange lights near the old Swampy Cave. We sent folks to investigate them, but haven't seen them since. We need help. They started appearing a few nights ago. Odd, flickering lights. In the morning, there was nothing to see. But they were there at night." Once you return from Swampy Cave and tell her the bad news, she will be shocked, but also grateful for your effort: "Oh, no! You believe trolls killed them? That’s horrible. Good that you killed all of the trolls, though."

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  • If any trolls remain alive when you report back to Drarana, her dialogue will be slightly different: "Oh, no! You believe trolls killed them? That's horrible. Please, if you can kill all of those trolls, we'd greatly appreciate it."