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Довин Арен
Город Имперский Город, Эльфийские сады
Дом Dovyn Aren's House
Раса Данмер Пол Мужской
Уровень 9 Класс Nightblade
RefID 0001C4C6 BaseID 0001605C

Доступно 11am-noon, 4pm-5am every day
Обучает Учитель в навыке: Alteration (Basic)    Изменение, Basic
Дополнительная информация
Здоровье 76 Магия 112
Ответств. 25 Агрессия 10
Фракции Cheydinhal Citizens; Elven Gardens Horse; Thieves Guild(Cat Burglar); Dovyn Aren; IC Citizens
Dovyn Aren

Dovyn Aren is an aging Данмер nightblade residing in the northeast section of the Эльфийские сады in the Имперский Город. He is a retired member of the Гильдия воров although he still possesses all the benefits of being a Cat Burglar. Despite his age, he can still provide basic тренер in Изменение, a fact that amuses the population of the Imperial City to no end.

He lives his life of leisure in a peaceful fashion and spends most of his time hanging out with his old friend from the guild, Fathis Ules. He sleeps on the second floor of his house every day between 5am and 11am. After waking up, he spends an hour on the ground floor before heading outside for a stroll in the District. He returns home at 4pm for another hour of relaxation before he travels to the Talos Plaza District for an exclusive dinner at the fashionable Tiber Septim Hotel. He leaves the hotel at 7pm and will then actively seek out Fathis Ules who can be a tricky one to find. Please check this section for details. He will follow his friend around all night long until he goes back to his house and finds his bed at 5am. After Legacy Lost, when Fathis moves permanently to Chorrol, Dovyn will stop following him and spend the evenings and nights wandering around the ground floor of his house. He will offer his services for one hour after waking up and from 4pm until his bedtime.

On the 22nd of each month, when the clock strikes midnight, Dovyn will leave the Imperial City for his monthly journey to Cheydinhal. He crosses the Talos Bridge and heads north on the Red Ring Road, all the way around Озеро Румаре, until he turns northeast on the Blue Road. The trip takes him approximately 16 hours and he usually arrives at Cheydinhal's western gate between 4pm and 5pm. Once there, he heads directly for the Cheydinhal Bridge Inn and spends the next two days hanging out with the upper-class regulars and another visitor from the Big City, Herminia Cinna. At midnight on the 24th, he leaves the inn and returns to his usual routine in the Imperial City. Until his departure from Cheydinhal, his services will still be available 24 hours a day.

He wields a steel longsword and wears a pair of burgundy linens and pigskin shoes. He also carries a pair of leather boots and a leather cuirass, both of which he will equip during the day. He carries his house key and a small amount of gold. He knows the standard nightblade spells, with additional major alteration spells.

His house is located in the northeastern section of the Elven Gardens District, right next door to Ida Vlinorman's and across the street from Roderic Pierrane's. The ground floor contains little of interest except nine bottles of cheap wine and a dinner table with plenty of food. The private quarters upstairs contain Dovyn’s huge double bed and a few interesting items; the cupboard opposite the bed holds various items of upper-class clothing, and a jewelry box sits on top of it. Next to the cupboard are two locked chests; one with silverware and/or gold and one with leveled equipment. On a nearby table lies a copy of Followers of the Gray Fox and the Alteration книга навыков The Dragon Break. The basement has containers filled with clutter. On a small table near the pillar sits more Thieves Guild-related literature and two lockpicks, and a sample of bonemeal can be found on the floor opposite the table.

When you meet Dovyn for the first time he will introduce himself, his services and the fact that he is getting up there in years: "Dovyn Aren. Yeah, I still do training. I'm not what I used to be, but I can still teach Alteration just fine." When asked about the Imperial City, he will say: "I was in the Thieves Guild. But I'm out now. I retired. Too old for that foolishness. I don't keep up contacts. You get out? You stay out."

The other citizens of the Big City will often discuss the aging Alteration trainer:

  • "Other arcane trainers in the City? Just one. Dovyn Aren. In the Market District [sic]. Basic instructor in Alteration." --Boderi Farano
  • "Do you want to learn about Alteration? Speak with Dovyn Aren."
  • "Does Dovyn Aren still teach Alteration?"
  • "I understand old Dovyn Aren can still teach a bit about Alteration."
  • "I know that Dovyn Aren is getting up there in years, but he still knows a bit about Alteration."
  • "He still teaches others, though. Of course, you have to try to avoid all the Old Man Dust."
  • "He's getting older, but he can still teach a bit about Alteration. He's been teaching it since before the Levitation Act of 421."
  • "He still teaches, though he lost his passion for it after the Levitation Act was passed. Can't say I blame him."

Fathis Ules

Every day between 7pm and 5am, Dovyn Aren will actively seek out Fathis Ules and follow him around wherever he goes. This is a complete list of the various locations where you can find Dovyn and Fathis:


  • He has the same last name as Fathis Aren. However, there is no indication in the game that the two are related.