Oblivion:Богрум гро-Галаш

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Богрум гро-Галаш
Город Бравил
Магазин The Lonely Suitor Lodge
Раса Орк Пол Мужской
Уровень 5 Класс Publican
RefID 0000A117 BaseID 0000A082

Доступно 12am-1am, 5am-10pm every day
Аренда комнаты Комната 10 золотых монет
Золото 50 Торговля Ученик (30)
Продажа Ингредиенты, Зелья (Food, Drink)
Покупка Ингредиенты, Зелья
Дополнительная информация
Здоровье 69 Магия 92
Ответств. 100 Агрессия 5
Фракции Bravil - Lonely Suitor Lodge; Bravil
Bogrum Gro-Galash

Bogrum Gro-Galash is an Орк publican at The Lonely Suitor Lodge in Бравил, where he sells food and rents beds.

Bogrum serves the tavern during the day, but at 10pm he has a meal until midnight, then sleeps for four hours. He will offer his services whenever he is not eating or sleeping.

Bogrum wears a set of lower class clothing: a green wool shirt, belted braies and a pair of stitched leather shoes. He also carries a small amount of gold.

When you enter his inn he will greet you by saying; "I'm Bogrum Gro-Galash, your host at the Lonely Suitor Lodge. It may not look like much outside, but that's just the weathered Bravil look." Asking him about his Bravil will have him request you help one of its residence; "A local woman, Ursanne Loche, has a missing husband. She might appreciate some help from someone like you."

Asking him about renting a room at his inn will have him inform you of his current vacancy; "Yeah, I've got a room. 10 gold for the night. You sure you want it?" if you reply yes with the necessary funds to rent the sleeping quarters he will give you the room. "It's upstairs on the top floor. Only room I've got. I think both beds should be clean enough, so use whichever you prefer." If you request access to his room without at least ten gold pieces he will be aggravated by you pestering him. "I'm not running a charity here, you know? I need the gold, so you come back when you actually have it." If you change your mind at last second about renting the room he will accept your choice, and occasionally remind you to come back if you desire a room in the future. Asking him about the room you rented after renting the room will have him remind you that his hotel isn't the nicest in the world. "You've got what 10 gold will buy you. I never said it'd be a palace."

Despite the sparse surroundings of the inn, the townsfolk speak well of Bogrum's attempts to improve it, saying: "I think all Bogrum gro-Galash cares about is the Lonely Suitor Lodge. He really puts everything into it." and "The Lonely Suitor is a fine place. Bogrum gro-Galash is very focused on making it a success." Others will respond: "He obviously takes great pride in the lodge." and "The Lonely Suitor certainly seems to be a source of great pride for him."