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Подчинение: Хлаалу
Регион: Ascadian Isles

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Desele's House of Earthly Delights
View of Suran from Ascadian Isles
View of Suran from Lake Masobi

Tes Lore:Суран

Main Town Square

Desele's House of Earthly Delights, an interesting tavern to go for a good time, is located west of the main town square. There are several traders, a Smith, a Clothier and an Apothecary around the square. Towards the hill, the Suran Tradehouse houses a trader, the Nightblade An-Zaw offers some training and Haj-Ei lives upstairs.

Oran Manor and Temple

Located on a hill to the east, an Orc warrior on patrol on the stairs is clad in Glass Armor. The priest Elynu Saren in the small Храм Трибунала serves pilgrims with spells and potions. Oran Manor is the home of a Hlaalu Noble, Avon Oran. The manor has a pawnbroker and a few trainers.


Avon Oran is upstairs in his manor.

For a complete list, see People.

Getting there & around

The Silt Strider port is up the stairs next to the Guard tower. A good road leads west along the Lake past the Fields of Kummu to Пелагиад and beyond. A path east leads to Молаг Мар and onto a Foyada to Mount Kand and beyond.


  • There is a great deal of loot to be had for the crafty thief. Ebony Darts and an Ebony Right Bracer are on display at Goldyn Belaram's store. Those wanting to stay on the legal side of the law can acquire a cheap Glass Dagger, they'll just have to repair it.
  • At Desele's, there are two bottles of Skooma just lying around. To get them, jump on the table or bar, then jump again. You should hit the ceiling and while you're up as high as you can jump, you can take the bottle. If you're spotted, Desele will be the only one mad at you, and your bounty will not go up. After all, Skooma is illegal.
    • There is also one more bottle of Skooma on the bar and another on a table.
  • A Sword of White Woe is under the bunk bed at the top of the guard tower. You will need to taunt and kill the guard first or he'll see you and give you a large fine.
  • Even though there is a Dunmer Temple in Suran, there are no shrines inside it. Therefore an Almsivi Intervention takes you to Vivec.

Places of Interest around Suran

  • Bal Ur is located north, just up the river, with the Stronghold Marandus beyond that.
  • The Daedric Shrine of Ald Sotha lies to the south.
  • The wary Orc Umbra can be found around the mountain to the east.


Fighters Guild

House Hlaalu

House Redoran

Tribunal Temple



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