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Подчинение: Империя
Регион: Ascadian Isles

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  • Pelagiad
The town and fort of Pelagiad

According to the locals, Pelagiad started as a sort of retirement community. Imperial legionnaires who had fought during the conquest of Vvardenfell set up a few houses, then a tavern, and finally a fort. The purpose of Fort Pelagiad is probably to secure the Lake Amaya area and protect the property of the rich Хлаалу plantation owners who live there, and to guard the roads. Little should bring you to this town, save a few quests or a mistaken Divine Intervention cast at Сейда Нин hoping for a quick shortcut to Эбенгард.

The Fort

Angoril is the ranking officer of Imperial Legion, but you won't get any orders here. You can join the Имперский Культ by talking to Ygfa, who can be found in a back room. She sells potions, ingredients and spells, including the most powerful version of Turn Undead. Shadbak gra-Burbug is a smith.

The Town

Drelasa Ramothran offers sundries and beds at the Halfway Tavern. If you are male, Ahnassi can become a special friend. Ladia Flarugrius offer services only to members of the Гильдия Воров. Hrordis has a nasty temper and an enchanted belt. Across the tavern is the trader Mebestian Ence. Next door, the Armorer Uulernil is a Кузнец with a good selection of projectiles.

Getting there & around

There is no fast-travel except through intervention. Сейда Нин is not too far off with its Silt Strider.


The Almsivi Intervention is split here, depending on where you are in town, you'll reach Balmora or Vivec High Fane.

Places of Interest around Pelagiad


Adanja Женский&F Хаджит Pilgrim 10 96 100 0 0 Adanja's House
Ahnassi Женский&F Хаджит Monk Service Thieves Guild 9 106 23 100 30 Halfway Tavern Trainer
Angoril Мужской&M Альтмер Master-at-Arms Imperial Legion 7 97 110 0 0 Fort Pelagiad Trainer
Dralas Gilu Мужской&M Данмер Rogue 10 110 24 0 30 [0,-7]
Drelasa Ramothran Женский&F Данмер Publican 8 71 122 100 30 Halfway Tavern Merchant
Erval Мужской&M Босмер Commoner 10 88 100 0 0 Erval's House
Farusea Salas Женский&F Данмер Commoner 10 93 100 0 30 [0,-7]
Hrordis Женский&F Норд Чародей 15 121 148 0 40 Halfway Tavern
Junal-Lei Мужской&M Аргонианин Acrobat 10 97 94 0 0 [-1,-7]
Kunthar Мужской&M Норд Варвар 7 98 70 0 30 [0,-7]
Ladia Flarugrius Женский&F Имперец Savant Service Thieves Guild 7 70 122 100 30 Halfway Tavern Trainer; Merchant
Madres Navur Мужской&M Данмер Acrobat 10 102 94 0 0 Madres Navur's House
Mebestian Ence Мужской&M Бретон Trader Service 10 94 128 100 30 Mebestien Ence: Trader Merchant
Morbash gro-Shagdub Мужской&M Орк Воин 3 74 64 0 30 South Wall
Murberius Harmevus Мужской&M Имперец Воин 10 127 94 0 30 Murberius Harmevus' House
Nelos Onmar Мужской&M Данмер Rogue 12 111 98 0 30 Halfway Tavern
Брагор Новые Туфли Мужской&M Босмер Вор Thieves Guild 9 71 106 0 30 South Wall
Samia Женский&F Босмер Чародей 10 81 144 0 30 Halfway Tavern
Shadbak gra-Burbug Женский&F Орк Smith Imperial Legion 12 147 98 100 30 Fort Pelagiad Кузнец; Merchant
Uulernil Мужской&M Альтмер Smith 10 119 114 100 30 Uulernil : Armorer Кузнец; Merchant
Yakum Hairshashishi Мужской&M Данмер Rogue 4 59 84 90 30 Halfway Tavern Ashlander with dialog about Blight storms and soul sickness.
Ygfa Женский&F Норд Healer Service Imperial Cult 7 69 74 100 30 Fort Pelagiad Spell Merchant; Merchant


House Hlaalu

Imperial Cult

Mages Guild

Morag Tong

Гильдия Воров



MW Map Pelagiad.jpg
Map Key


An activator containing a script for Nels Llendo was accidentally placed too high, and the label reading "Nels Llendo Scriptholder" can be seen if one looks directly at the ground in front of the Halfway Tavern.

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