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Скрытность - это искусство перемещаться незаметно и неслышно. Скрытность способствует также карманным кражам.

Бонусы при создании

Следующие расы получают бонус от Sneak skill:

Следующие классы имеют навык Sneak as a Major skill:

Следующие классы имеют навык Sneak as a Minor skill:

Учителя навыка

Sneak is the only skill with two master trainers: Ri'Shajirr at Shenk's Shovel in Кальдера, and Wadarkhu at Druegh-jigger's Rest in Гнаар Мок. Other trainers of note are:

See Sneak Trainers for the complete list.


Следующие книги повышают ваш навык Sneak skill:


The following factions include Sneak as one of their favored skills:


  • If you have a low Sneak ability and you want to raise it, you can search for a shop or another building with only one NPC. A prime example of this is Sellus Gravius in the Census and Excise Office. Find a position while you are in sneak mode, sometimes the NPC will look over their shoulder if you sneak behind them. Approach the NPC and wait for them to face you. The NPC will rotate to face you for a few seconds as you move around them. Rotate them away from your sneak position.
  • Holding the sneak button pressed with some little and heavy object, e.g a hammer (you may wish to change the assigned key if you find it more convenient). Leave the game alone for a while and while the Sneak skill will keep increasing. On the Xbox, you can simply double click the joy stick down to enter an "always sneak" mode to get the same effect. The Morrowind Code Patch project also allows the Sneak mode to be toggled.