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Искушенные в красноречии манипулируют другими, приводя тех в восхищение, трепет или же поддразнивая. Владеющему силой слова с большей охотой раскроют информацию или доверят важное задание.

Бонусы при создании

Следующие расы получают бонус от Speechcraft skill:

Следующие классы имеют навык Speechcraft as a Major skill:

Следующие классы имеют навык Speechcraft as a Minor skill:

Учителя навыка

The Master Trainer of Speechcraft is Skink-in-Tree's-Shade at the Mages' Guild in Волверин Холл‏‎. Other trainers of note are:

See Speechcraft Trainers for the complete list.


Следующие книги повышают ваш навык Speechcraft skill:


The following factions include Speechcraft as one of their favored skills:


There are four means of persuasion available to you:

This is usually the best way to raise someone's Disposition towards you, provided you're skilled at Speechcraft. If you're not, this may have the opposite effect, to the point where they may even attack you. (On the other hand, if you want to get attacked, but don't have the skill to Taunt effectively, this may be a possible alternative.)
If you can't make them love you, you can always make them fear you instead. This technique may be more effective if you're significantly stronger than the target. Some people may not be impressed, however.
This technique is the best way to get people to hate you. Successfully Taunt somebody enough times, and they will rise to the bait and attack you. This is a good way to have an excuse to kill somebody in front of witnesses, because if they attack first, it's considered self-defense.
If you lack the skills to either Admire or Intimidate somebody into doing your wishes, a well-placed bribe may do the trick. Just be careful who you're talking to - while a beggar will take whatever he can get, rich people may be insulted rather than pleased if your bribe is too low.


  • In addition to your speechcraft/Personality scores, chance of success is also dependent on the Disposition your target has towards you, as well as their own speechcraft score. Even at 100 speechcraft/Personality, you're very unlikely to successfully persuade someone at 0 Disposition in any one attempt - especially if they themselves have a high speechcraft. Try Charming them up to around 50 points first, then Admire them to higher levels; they'll still be friendly once the spell wears off.
  • If you need to kill somebody, but lack the skills to Taunt them into attacking you (Taunts are much less effective once their Disposition goes down to 0), you can repeatedly bribe them to raise their Disposition and then Taunt again. Eventually you should be able to get them to attack. And after you kill them, you can take all your gold back again.
  • Some NPCs will refuse to talk to you, making persuasion impossible. They may respond if you continually try to converse with them, but if not, there is still a trick to get around this: Strip naked - remove all armor, clothing, and jewelry, and then talk to them. You'll get the "Cover yourself! Are you mad?" response in place of the usual belligerent shove-off, and you can then continue the dialog as normal. This does not work on Аргонианинs or Хаджитs, and it is not guaranteed to work on all NPCs, but in most cases, it is a sneaky way around this problem.
  • You can train Speechcraft quickly by intimidating the same person several times. This is more effective if you are a high level, and they are a very low one (try it on commoners). On the PC you can speed this up by moving the dialogue window's "Persuasion" button directly underneath the "Intimidate" button. Fast clicking can beef it up nicely.
  • If a person has 0 Disposition towards you and your first successful persuade attempt fails to raise this, then all Disposition points you do manage to gain during that conversation will be lost the next time you talk to that person.