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Навык владения древковым оружием позволяет эффективно использовать колющее оружие с древком, такое, как копья или алебарды.

Бонусы при создании

Следующие расы получают бонус от Spear skill:

No classes have Spear as a Major skill.
Следующие классы имеют навык Spear as a Minor skill:

Учителя навыка

The Master Trainer of Spear is Mertis Falandas at the Tower of Dusk Lower Level in Призрачные Врата. There is only one other Spear trainer in the game, Flaenia Amiulusus, at the Guild of Fighters in Балмора (up to 44); see also Spear Trainers.


Следующие книги повышают ваш навык Spear skill:


The following factions include Spear as one of their favored skills:


  • The main advantage of using spears is their long reach. With practice and plenty of room to move, it is possible to attack enemies and be out of range of most of their return attacks.
  • Gaining levels in the Spear skill also contributes to raising Endurance when leveling up. Using a Spear a lot in the early game can allow you to max out Endurance early, giving you more total Здоровье in the long run.
  • Although the Spear skill is 'governed' by Endurance, like all melee weapons they use Strength to influence damage dealt and Agility to influence the chance of hitting.