Dragonborn Книга:Ildari's Journal, vol. I

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ID xx027E4D
Добав. модом Dragonborn
Др. языки
Пред. Нет След. Volume II
Часть 5 Вес 1
Связано с Старые друзья
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Ildari Sarothril
Ildari's Journal, vol. I

The fools have taken me in. Weak, pathetic men intent on looting this ancient fortress with their crude mining. Niyya is pleasant enough. I may choose to spare her when the time comes.

I'm still weak from Neloth's betrayal. He promised me power and glory. He failed to mention the constant pain. And the voices. By the three, I would do anything to not hear the voices.

When my strength returns, I will have my vengeance upon my former master. I can feel the power of the heart stone beating inside me. I need to find a way to tap into its power. Then he shall pay in blood and fire and ash.