Dragonborn Книга:Eydis's Journal

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ID xx03B53E
Добав. модом Dragonborn
Др. языки
Часть 25 Вес 1
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Eydis's Journal

I finally caved and told Ulyn that I would help him retrieve this "Visage of Mzund" that he has been so obsessed over. Why he wants some dwarven helmet so much is beyond me, but I owe him so whatever.

We've stopped to take a breather after crossing over the gears. This place is amazing but it seems to serve no purpose that I can tell. Why the dwarves would waste so much good metal on gears, pipes and constructs is completely beyond me. We had to fight off several of the metal spiders while spinning around on the gears. Got so dizzy we almost fell off.