Dragonborn Книга:Black Book: Epistolary Acumen

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Информация о книге
ID xx016e2c
Добав. модом Dragonborn
Др. языки
См. также
Пред. Waking Dreams След. Untold Legends
Часть 2000 Вес 1
Необходимо для Садовод людей
Может быть найдена в следующих местах:
The Transparent One
Epistolary Acumen
A part of a series of Black Books.

Bring you forth the lovestruck mute who preys with vigor on his love, and set the sky alight with all who dare to struggle 'gainst our move. For we are they who own the night and all who dwell without us fall; we drink the mind-grapes formed of thought and wail a tumult on the wall. To sweep

Пред.: Waking Dreams Black Book След.: Untold Legends