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Автор Тема: Morrowind Code Patch  (Прочитано 8847 раз)


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Morrowind Code Patch
« : 04 Июля, 2011, 06:48:01 »
Morrowind Code Patch - это патч для Morrowind, исправляющий баги, которые невозможно пофиксить в помощью Construction Set.
Недавно вышла финальная версия Morrowind Code Patch 2.0
тема на оффоруме

Совместима с английской, западноевропейской, польской и русской версией игры, а также с версией со Стима.
Совместима с MGE, MWSE, MWE и FPS Opt 1.96.
Не совместима с Impulse download version и с FPS Opt 2.0.

Список новых возможностей на англ
- Swift casting. Allows casting from any stance, just like Oblivion, with the "ready magic" button. Ready spell stance is still available with the M key.
 - Summoned creature crash fix. Prevents crashes from spell effects bound to creatures that have been unsummoned.
 - Blight storm disease disable. Prevents invisible inactive blight diseases being added in blight storms.
 - Alchemy name bug. Now also stops custom potion names from being reset every time a potion is made.
 - Alchemy weight rewrite. Fixes exploitable potion weight calculations. Prevents potion weight approaching zero if you make several kinds of potion in one go, and stops useless ingredients making potions lighter. Potion weight is now (0.75*total ingredients weight + 0.35) / (0.5 + alembic quality).
 - Russian Argonian swim animation. Argonian specific swim animation wasn't playing due to the translated race name.
 - Racial variation in speed fix. Normalizes race speed. Orcs were up to 35% faster and bosmer up to 5% slower than baseline before any stats were taken into account due to body scaling.
 - Trainer price/stat fix. Trainers no longer refuse to train you if your fortified skill points is above theirs, but not your base skill. They also no longer train 1 point past their level. Relatedly the progress bar when you mouseover a skill does not go away if your fortified skill is above 100, but not your base skill.
 - Game formula corrections. fFatigueSpellBase/fFatigueSpellMult that controls fatigue generated by spellcasting is fixed. PC/NPC weapon damage can now be controlled by the fDamageStrengthBase/Mult GMSTs.
 - Creature armor rating. Creatures now gain AR and therefore damage reduction from shield spells. The GMST damage reduction cap does not limit creature AR.
 - Disable weapon transition on unequip. Skips the short put away weapon state on all unequip actions and when switching to hand to hand. Simplifies state detection with weapon mods.
 - Pickpocket rewrite. - Pickpocket mechanic was broken by default, overhauled to be much more usuable, with difficulty based on weight.
 - Slowfall on companions fix. Stops companions with slowfall dying on cell transition.
 - Drain intelligence exploit. Prevents intelligence drained to zero from fully restoring magicka when the drain expires.
 - Mouseover menu fixes. Doesn't display next rank for factions with less than 10 ranks that you are a max rank with. Corrects birthsign menu spell text ordering so spells and powers come under the correct headings.
 - UI display quality fix. Removes texel misalignment blur. Makes all text and icons as sharp as the source textures. Serious interface clarity improvement. MGE has issues with this fix and draws shaders over the UI.
 - Shortcut key improvements. Allows the dialogue window, books and scrolls to be closed with space. In the inventory, full stacks are picked up by default and shift-click instead opens the quantity menu.
 - Detect water level fix. GetWaterLevel returns around -1e9 for cells with no water, preventing mods for incorrectly thinking you are underwater.
 - Service refusal filtering. Allows modders to filter service refusal by individual service type. The choice function indicates service type (see MCP description).
 - Scripted music uninterruptible. Prevents combat music from interrupting music played by mods.
 - Journal text colouring. Text that rendered as full black can have the colour changed by the color_journal_topic entry in morrowind.ini.
 - Vanity camera lock. Allows the moveable vanity camera to stay active after the key is released. It also loosens the restrictions on camera position.
 - Polish character corrections. Corrects dialogue font Ó and c (they normally display as O and é) when used with Better Dialogue Font Polish version.
 - Detect life spell. Changes the Detect Animal spell effect to detect both NPCs and creatures, instead of just creatures.
 - Item recharging rebalance. Doubles success rate of recharging, and sets a minimum guaranteed percentage recharged depending on your enchant skill and stats.
 - Increase light falloff removed. Caused problems with lighting mods and areas with a high density of light sources, where extra lights like the player's torch would not function due to Direct3D lighting limitations. Lighting seams can be better solved with mesh partitioning.
 - Enchanting increases item value. Value increases rebalanced again to avoid excessive prices with weaker enchantments in combination with weak souls.
 - Show transparent clothes in inventory. Code rewritten to avoid issue that rarely caused a red screen tint and broken font rendering.
 - Steam support. Redates BSAs automatically when the patch is applied.

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